Dr Mukund Janardhanan

Associate Professor, Director of Education


School/Department: Engineering, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 229 7905



Dr Mukund Janardhanan is currently working in the School of Engineering at University of Leicester, UK as Director of Education. Dr Mukund has around 10 years of experience including 8 years in academia and 2 years in a Engineering consultancy company. 

Dr Mukund graduated with a PhD in Manufacturing Optimization from Monash University, Malaysia (Main Campus: Australia). Prior to his current job at Leicester, he was a postdoctoral fellow at Aalborg University, Denmark and has also previously worked in product development in an Engineering Design company. He is an ambitious researcher with special interests in Industry 4.0, manufacturing system optimization and simulation. 

Till date, to his credit he has published more than fifty referred research papers in leading manufacturing and operations journals. He is involved in funded research projects and currently leading a novel research project in using robotics for disaster management. He has also edited special issues in reputed international journals and has served as programme committee members of reported international conferences.  He is also a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of Higher Education academy, UK. 


Current Funded Projects
• Royal Academy of Engineering- Development of autonomous robotic swarms simulator for disaster management and tactical training of rescue personals using robotic tools

Royal Society - International Exchanges - An IoT enabled Smart Bin and Waste Management Systems for a Sustainable Society

Research Interests
*Robotic assembly line balancing
*Modelling and optimization of manufacturing systems
*Energy efficient manufacturing systems
*Evolutionary computation and Intelligent algorithms


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Seenu, N., RM, K.C., Ramya, M.M. and Janardhanan, M.N., 2020. Review on state-of-the-art dynamic task allocation strategies for multiple-robot systems. Industrial Robot: the international journal of robotics research and application. Vol. 47 No. 6, pp. 929-942.
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Interested in doing a PhD?
I am always happy to talk to prospective students who are interested in studying for a PhD  in the following areas. 
*Manufacturing Optimization
* Technology Innovation
* Production planning and control 

Please email me if you have ideas that you wish to discuss.


Module Responsibilities

  • EG7302 Engineering with Management dissertation
  • EG7312: Systems Engineering
  • EG2006 Business Simulation

Press and media

*Robotic Assembly Line Balancing
* Drones application 
* Sustainable Production
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