Dr Martin Quinn

Associate Professor in Regional Development and Public Policy

School/Department: Business, School of



I am a political economist with particular interests in regional development and industrial strategy. I first joined Leicester as an undergraduate in 1996 and was appointed to my current position in the School of Business in 2019.


My research explores the points at which the public and private sectors meet to formulate policy. i question mainstream theories of the role of the state in the economy in my work advocating for a more nuanced understanding of the development of new ideas and jobs in the economy. Over the course of my career to date I have worked on funded research projects totalling over £1.2 million in research income from a range of funders including the ESRC AHRC British Academy British Council Central Government and Regional Development Agencies. During 2021 I was seconded to the Industrial Strategy Council at BEIS as a political economist to work on a report into governance and devolution in the UK.



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Political economy governance of the economy regional development political economy of innovation


I currently teach international business public policy and research methods, and Foundations of Leadership. I have taught globalisation employee development knowledge management and systems of innovation in the past.

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regional and local economic development governance and devolution political economy of innovation
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