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School/Department: Population Health Sciences, Department of

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Address: Room 4.43, George Davies Centre


I am a Lecturer in Medical Statistics in the Department of Population Health Sciences at the University of Leicester.

I joined the University of Leicester in 2018 after being awarded a PhD on “Investigating the presence and impact of competing events in prognostic model research” from Keele University.

My research interests include adapting statistical analysis methods to reflect the more complex realities observed in practice. I have experience in advanced survival analysis methods for developing and validating prognostic models, and linking and analysing large electronic health records data.

I am an active member of the Royal Statistical Society, and currently serve an elected role on Council as well as being Chair of the East Midlands Local Group, Council member for the Young Statisticians Section, and a Statistical Ambassador.


My research interest include:

  • Prognosis research including prognostic model development and validation
  • Survival analysis with competing risks
  • Analysis and linkage of large electronic health records
  • COVID-19 related research
  • Health inequalities

Projects I have recently been working on include:

  • MRC Fellowship “Using data to improve public health: COVID-19 secondment”: As part of the Longitudinal Health and Wellbeing National Core Study, a UK-wide team conducting analysis of population-based longitudinal studies linked to electronic health records.
  • MRC/NIHR funded study “United Kingdom Research study into Ethnicity And COVID-19 outcomes in Healthcare workers”: As lead researcher of work package, linking and analysing large electronic health record databases to investigate the impact of ethnicity on COVID-19 diagnosis, hospitalisation, and mortality rates in healthcare workers.
  • BHF/CRUK funded study “Virtual Cardio-Oncology Research Initiative”: As Research Assistant, linking national cancer registration data to national cardiovascular registration and audit data to investigate the interplay between cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


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Ramspek CL, Teece L, Snell KIE, Evans M, Riley RD, van Smeden M, van Geloven N, van Diepen M, (2021). Lessons learnt when accounting for competing events in the external validation of time-to-event prognostic models.. International journal of epidemiology.

Martin CA, Pan D, Melbourne C, Teece L, Aujayeb A, Baggaley RF, Bryant L, Carr S, Gregary B, Gupta A, Guyatt AL, John C, McManus IC, Nazareth J, Nellums LB, Reza R, Simpson S, Tobin MD, Woolf K, Zingwe S, Khunti K, Abrams KR, Gray LJ, Pareek M, (2021). Predictors of SARS-CoV-2 infection in a multi-ethnic cohort of United Kingdom healthcare workers: a prospective nationwide cohort study (UK-REACH).

Teece L, Coles B, Weston C, de Belder MA, Oliver-Williams C, Welch CA, Rutherford MJ, Lambert PC, Bidulka P, Paley L, Nitsch D, Deanfield J, Peake MD, Adlam D, Sweeting MJ, (2022). Case-ascertainment of acute myocardial infarction hospitalizations in cancer patients: a cohort study using English linked electronic health data.. European heart journal. Quality of care & clinical outcomes. 8 (1).

Sweeting MJ, Oliver-Williams C, Teece L, Welch CA, de Belder MA, Coles B, Lambert PC, Paley L, Rutherford MJ, Elliss-Brookes L, Deanfield J, Peake MD, Adlam D, (2021). Data Resource Profile: The Virtual Cardio-Oncology Research Initiative (VICORI) linking national English cancer registration and cardiovascular audits.. International journal of epidemiology. 

Elliott A, Taub N, Banerjee J, Aijaz F, Jones W, Teece L, van Oppen J, Conroy S, (2020). Does the Clinical Frailty Scale at Triage Predict Outcomes From Emergency Care for Older People?. Annals of emergency medicine. 

Teece L, Lambie M, Johnson DW, Petrie M, Mactier R, Solis-Trapala I, Belcher J, Bekker HL, Wilkie M, Tupling K, Phillips-Darby L, Davies SJ, (2019). Estimating risk of encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis accounting for the competing risk of death.. Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation : official publication of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association - European Renal Association. 34 (9) 

Lawson CA, Mamas MA, Jones PW, Teece L, McCann G, Khunti K, Kadam UT, (2018). Association of Medication Intensity and Stages of Airflow Limitation With the Risk of Hospitalization or Death in Patients With Heart Failure and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.. JAMA network open. 1 (8). 

Lawson CA, Testani JM, Mamas M, Damman K, Jones PW, Teece L, Kadam UT, (2018). Chronic kidney disease, worsening renal function and outcomes in a heart failure community setting: A UK national study.. International journal of cardiology. 267. 

Sim J, Teece L, Dennis MS, Roffe C, (2016). Validation and Recalibration of Two Multivariable Prognostic Models for Survival and Independence in Acute Stroke. PloS one. 11 (5).


I am happy to supervise students on both methodological and applied research projects at pre-doctoral, PhD, and post-doctoral level.

Topics of interest include:

  • Health inequalities and improving research generalisability
  • COVID-19 and long-COVID related research
  • Prognosis research including prognostic model development and validation
  • Survival analysis with competing risks


  • MSc Medical Statistics
  • MRes in Applied Health Research
  • MBChB Population and Social Sciences

Press and media

I'm available to help with the understanding of probability data analysis and other statistical issues. I hope to improve the communication of statistics numbers and evidence in the news and the media.

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