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Professor Lu Liu is the Head of School for Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Leicester. Professor Liu received his PhD degree from Surrey Space Centre at the University of Surrey. He had worked as a Research Fellow at the WRG e-Science Centre at the University of Leeds.


Professor Liu's research interests are in the areas of Data Science AI Sustainable Computing and the Internet of Things focusing on developing large-scale trustworthy sustainable systems based on AI and Data Analytics. He has over 250 scientific publications in reputable journals academic books and international conferences. Professor Liu has secured many research projects which are supported by research councils BIS Innovate UK British Council and leading industries. He received the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Doctoral Supervision in 2018. He has been the recipient of 7 Best Paper Awards from international conferences and was invited to deliver 8 keynote speeches at international conferences.

Professor Liu is a Fellow of BCS (British Computer Society). He is currently serving as an Associate Editor for Peer-to-Peer Networking and Application (PPNA) and Big Data Mining and Analytics (BDMA). I have chaired over 20 international conferences in the areas of Data Science AI Cloud Computing and Internet of Things. 



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If you are interested in doing a PhD in the areas of data science AI sustainable computing Cloud computing or the Internet of Things please feel free to contact Professor Liu at


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