Dr Loveday Hodson

Associate Professor

Loveday Hodson

School/Department: Leicester Law School

Telephone: +44 (0)116 223 1374



I joined Leicester Law School in 2004, since which time I have had a number of teaching and administrative roles. For the past few years I have taught on the International Law undergraduate module as well as convening the Feminist Perspectives on International Law and Legal Responses to Global Injustice postgraduate modules. During my time at Leicester I also contribute to the teaching of Constitutional and Administrative Law. I am currently the School's Deputy PRG Tutor (admissions) and Research Ethics Officer.


My research interests are in international human rights law, gender and sexuality. I have published a number of academic articles and NGO reports in this area. Together with Troy Lavers, I coordinated the Feminist International Judgments Project, published by Hart in August 2019 as 'Feminist Judgments in International Law'. I also edited 'Research Methods for International Human Rights Law: Beyond the Traditional Paradigm' (Routledge, 2019). My research interests also include human rights and social movements. In 2011 I published a book with Hart, NGOs and the Struggle for Human Rights in Europe.

I am a member of the editorial board of Feminist Legal Studies. For a number of years I was convenor of the European Society of International Law's interest group on Feminism and International Law.


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I have supervised a number of PhD students to completion in a wide range of areas related to international human rights law. The closer to questions of gender and sexuality your proposal is the better the fit is likely to be for my research experience.


On study leave academic year 2023–2024

Press and media

Gender sexuality and international human rights.

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