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Professor in Health Economics


Professor Lily Yao, Professor in Health Economics, specialises in economic evaluations alongside large clinical trials and decision-analytic models, particularly in health technology assessment. She has successfully led on the economic components for more than 30 largescale studies, including commissions from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Professor Yao’s research interests include economic evaluation in public health. She is currently conducting several research projects in public health including projects to address antibiotic resistance in China, mental health as well as multi-morbidity and public health policies in COVID-19.

Professor Yao is working in collaboration with academics at Beijing Normal University to conduct modelling of population migration, disease spread and the effect of interventions in China. She is also part of a group of public health experts and academics calling for the public to wear face coverings in public places to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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  • Peripheral arterial disease, High blood pressure and Aneurysm Screening Trial (PHAST) – An evaluation of the acceptability, effectiveness and cost effectiveness of screening for peripheral arterial disease and high blood pressure at the same time as abdominal aortic aneurysm. Start Date 01/04/2020  End Date 30/06/2028. total grant over £2m
  • PGfAR Competition 29 Stage 2; Reference: NIHR200868 Date submitted:  Programme Programme Grants for Applied Research Call PGfAR Competition 29 Stage 2 Lead Applicant Professor Peter McCulloch Host organisation Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Research. Title: RESPOND study (Rescue for Emergency Surgery Patients Observed to uNdergo acute Deterioration) Start Date 01/03/2020  End Date. Prof Yao is co-applicant and leads health economics of the project. Total grant over £2m
  • The UK-China AMR Hub on Strategies to reduce the burden of antibiotic resistance in China.  This project is led by Professors Helen Lambert in Bristol and Bo Zheng at Peking University in Beijing funded by a joint UKRI (UK)-NSFC (China) Newton Fund initiative. Prof Yao is CO-PI leads WP3 and methodological group. UK Hub partners (Bristol, Leicester, Bath, Southampton, Public Health England and North Bristol NHS Trust). Total funding in the UK side: Total grant about  £2m; Funded Period: Feb 19 - Jan 22. Prof Yao is co-applicant and leads health economics of the project.


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