Liam McQueen

PhD Researcher

School/Department: Cardiovascular Sciences, Department of



Liam joined Professor Gavin Murphy’s research group as a PhD student in late 2020, with his research project under the joint supervision of Professor Murphy and Associate Professor Zakkar. Prior to this, he studied at the University of Glasgow, obtaining a BSc Hons degree in Medicinal Chemistry and MSc degree in Stratified Medicine. Liam’s research aims to develop a greater understanding of the underlying genetic, molecular and haemodynamic factors that contribute to vein graft failure following coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. It is hoped that this research may offer the potential for personalised interventions to improve the outcomes of patients undergoing this surgery.


Liam's research focuses predominantly on the processes underlying vein graft disease - the mechanism by which vein grafts used for coronary artery bypass graft surgery frequently develop intimal hyperplasia (detrimental vessel remodelling), stenosis (vessel hardening/calcification) and accelerated atherosclerosis, and ways to mitigate/ prevent this process. This involves understanding the underlying molecular and genetic mechanisms reposible for this change, bymodelling this process in a clinical lab environment and utilising advanced bioinformatic analyses and sequencing techniques such as spatial sequencing.


Liam is co-supervised by Mr Mustafa Zakkar and Professor Gavin Murphy.


Msc Stratified Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation - University of Glasgow (2018-2019)

BSc (Hons) Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry - University of Glasgow (2014-2018)

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