Dr Kim Hayer


School/Department: Leicester Medical School



I am a Lecturer, forming part of the UoL-CQMU Flying Faculty for the BSc Clinical Sciences Infection and Introduction to Scientific Method, Literature and Scientific Writing units. My roles include designing and delivering curriculum for these units, and training CQMU colleagues through the 'Teach the Teachers' provision. 

I joined the Leicester Medical School in December 2020. Prior to this, I have worked across Universities in the U.K developing and delivering curricula especially in Microbiology. I have a wealth of experience with both Biological Sciences and Medicine disciplines, including (but not limited to) teaching, facilitation, research, resource and curriculum development, implementing technology in teaching, providing training to academic peers. 
I have also been involved in many International projects, including the delivery of a Biomedical CPD Programme for Chinese students and academics.  


My main interest is in pedagogical research (e.g. focusing on transnational education)



Hayer, K., Stratford, M. and Archer, D.B. (2014). Applied and Environmental Microbiology 80: 6046-6053. 

Hayer, K., Stratford, M. and Archer, D.B.  (2013). Applied and Environmental Microbiology 79: 6924-6931.

Novodvorska, M., Hayer, K., Pullan, S.T., Wilson, R., Blythe, M.J., Stam, H., Stratford, M. and Archer, D.B.  (2013). BMC Genomics 14: 246.

Stratford, M., Steels, H., Nebe-von-Caron, G., Novodvorska, M., Hayer, K. and Archer, D.B. (2013). International Journal of Food Microbiology 166: 126-134.



I help to provide supervision/mentorship of CQMU colleagues.


I am Flying Faculty for UoL - responsible for designing, co-leading and teaching/delivering ‘Introduction to Scientific Method Literature and Scientific Writing’ (CQMU and UoL) and ‘Infection’ (CQMU) in year 1 part of the BSc Clinical Sciences programme.

Press and media

Transnational education (UoL-CQMU Partnership)


Key Examples:

Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Learning Partnerships (Royal Society of Biology & Heads of University Biosciences, 2021)

Train the Trainers (Royal Society of Biology, 2021)

Microbiology Society Annual Conference (2021).

Advance HE Conference (Newcastle/Northumbria University, 2019)

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Project - Video Conference (CU Coventry & Antabio, France, 2019)

Teaching Transformation Programme Conference (University of Nottingham, 2017)


I have an interest in Teach the Teachers Curriculum Development Microbiology Teaching.


PhD Microbiology Genetics (University of Nottingham)
BSc Biology (1st Class Hons.) & Institute of Biology Award (University of Derby)  
SFHEA (Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy)
CMALT (Certified Member of Association for Learning Technology)
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