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I am Professor in Human Geography in the School of Geography, Geology and the Environment at the University of Leicester. I have previously held lecturing and research posts at Newcastle University, Durham University and the University of Portsmouth. From 2014-2020 I was Editor of Cultural Geography on Geography Compass and I am an Editorial Board Member of Emotion, Space and Society and Geography Compass. I have been principle investigator or co-investigator on projects funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, the Leverhulme Trust and the European Union working with and leading teams of researchers. In 2020 our paper on 'Community and Conviviality: informal social life in multicultural places' published in Sociology won the Annual SAGE prize for Innovation and Excellence.


My research challenges and advances ways of understanding everyday multiculturalism in an era of global migration and ethnically complex populations. It coils around multiculture, place, diversity and emotional geographies involving creative methods working at the interface of social science and psychotherapeutic techniques and interdisciplinary team working in digital geographies. My current and recent research projects include:

  • EU Marie Curie Innovative Training Network SOLiDi - Solidarity in Diversity (Co-Investigator, 2020-2024, €4 million)
  • Mapping Multiculture: disrupting representations of an ethnically diverse city ( Principal Investigator on a Leverhulme Trust funded research project working with Dr. Stefano De Sabbata and Dr. Zoe Gardner 2019-2022, £110,000)
  • Living Multiculture: the new geographies of ethnicity and the changing formations of multiculture in England (Co-I on an Economic and Social Research Council funded project working with Prof. Sarah Neal, Prof. Allan Cochrane, and Prof. Giles Mohan 2012-2014, £500,000).
  • Identities and regeneration in the former coalfields of East Durham (Principal Investigator on a project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council 2005-2008).


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I would like to supervise projects involving one or more of the following topics: Everyday multiculturalism; Spatial and social relations of diversity; Emotional geographies; Geographies of migration; Bordering practices; Digital geographies. 

Current PhD students:

Julia Alegre Political Activism for Public Pedagogy. A Study in ‘Dissenting’ Solidarity (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020)
Solinda Morgillo Understanding how young people’s complex racialised discourses and practices shape solidarities in an ethnically diverse city: Building skills, sharing knowledge(H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020)
Xin Pan Intersectional solidarities: supporting LGBT migrants in a superdiverse city(H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020)

Completed PhDs:

Ellen Bishop  Exploring the effect of disabled people's youth experience through the lifecourse (ESRC) 2023
Amy Van Allen Heritage management protocols for locally-based projects with international impact: a framework for indigenous community empowerment 2023
 Chris Martin  Young people's use of digital technologies during play 2023 
Faye Shortland Living heritage and living heritage: The ontology and experience of cultural landscapes in the English Lake District (AHRC funded) 2021
Jay Emery Geographies of belonging in the Nottinghamshire coalfield: Affect, temporality and deindustrialisation (AHRC) 2019
Craig Wheway First, Second and Thirdspace Representations of Gentrified Market Towns 2011
Kate Moore Tugen Trails: cultural changes, wildlife conservation and local livelihoods in the Rift Valley of Kenya 2010
Ruth Williams Identities and change in the Scottish fishing industry(ESRC) 2008
Geoff Whitman Environmental Knowledge and Policy Construction: The English Less Favoured Areas(ESRC) 2006
Miriam Renner Family farm businesses and the Countryside Stewardship Scheme(ESRC/NERC) 2005


GY1413 Human Geography Field course (lead and convene)

GY1422 Introduction to Leicester Geographies

GY2414 Research Design and Methods (with dissertation planning) (convene)

GY3415 Migration Place and Diversity (convene)

GY3420 Dissertation

GY7411 Critical and Creative Geographies

GY7412 Creative Geographies in Practice

Press and media

Everyday multiculturalism; new spatial and social relations of diversity; solidarity in diversity.
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