Dr Hollie Marshall

Postdoctoral Research Associate


I did my PhD at the University of Leicester under Prof Eamonn Mallon exploring imprinted genes and the associated epigenetic mechanisms in a species of bumblebee. During this time I also collaborated with Dr Luisa Orsini and Prof John Colbourne from the University of Birmingham to investigate the role of epigenetic mechanisms in response to anthropogenic stressors using the freshwater crustacean Daphnia. After my PhD I carried out a postdoc with Dr Laura Ross at the University of Edinburgh where I worked to determine how a form of whole genome imprinting (paternal genome elimination) functions in a species of mealybug. I am now a postdoc back in the Mallon lab looking at the molecular function of DNA methylation in Nasonia and bumblebees.


I am generally interested in the function of epigenetic mechanisms such as DNA methylation and histone modifications in non-model arthropod species. My previous work has focused on imprinted genes / whole genomes in insects and the role (or lack there-of) of DNA methylation in these processes. I am also interested in how stable/inherited epigenetic marks may provide an additional layer of information for selection to act upon and along these lines how the epigenome and genome interact to produce plastic responses to the environment.

Working with small non-model insect/crustacean species I have also developed an interest in adapting existing technologies to these sometimes tiny samples. For example I was recently awarded an NEOF pilot-project grant jointly with Dr Kamil Jaron (University of Edinburgh) to trial whole genome methyl-sequencing and RNA-seq from single individual springtails (a tiny soil insect ~3mm).

I am also running a collaboration with Dr Katie Reilley (University of Birmingham) where we are exploring the molecular responses of the crustacean Daphnia to microplastic pollution.

The majority of my research uses genomic sequencing data, traditionally whole genome bisulfite sequencing, RNA-Seq, and ATAC-Seq. More recently I'm working to optimise CUT&Tag sequencing and have an interest in the use of single-cell sequencing.



Bain, S.*, Marshall, H.*, de la Filia, A. G., Laetsch, D. R., Husnik, F. and Ross, L. (2021) Sex-specific expression and DNA methylation in a species with extreme sexual dimorphism and paternal genome elimination. Molecular Ecology. 30(22), p5687-5703. * Joint 1st authorship.

Cuenca Cambronero, M., Pantel, J., Marshall, H., Nguyen, T., Tomero-Sanz, H. and Orsini, L. (2021) Evolutionary mechanisms underpinning fitness response to multiple stressors in Daphnia.  Evolutionary Applications. 14(10), p2457-2469.

Marshall, H., van Zweden, J.S., Van Geystelen, A., Benaets, K., Wackers, F., Mallon, E.B. and Wenseleers, T. (2020). Parent of origin gene expression in the bumblebee, Bombus terrestris, supports Haigs kinship theory for the evolution of genomic imprinting. Evolution Letters. 4 (6), p479-490.

Marshall, H., Jones, A., Lonsdale, Z.N. and Mallon, E.B. (2020). Bumblebee worker castes show differences in allele-specific DNA methylation and allele-specific expression. Genome Biology and Evolution. 12 (8), p1471-1481.

Marshall, H., Lonsdale, Z.N. and Mallon, E.B. (2019). Methylation and gene expression differences between bumblebee reproductive castes. Evolution Letters. 3 (5), p485-499.

Bebane, P., Hunt, B., Pegoraro, M., Jones, A.R.C., Marshall, H., Rosato, E. and Mallon, E.B. (2019). The effects of the neonicotinoid imidacloprid on gene expression and DNA methylation in the buff-tailed bumblebee Bombus terrestris. Proc. Roy. Soc. B. 286: 20190718.

Cambronero, M., Marshall, H., De Meester, L., Davidson, T.A., Beckerman, A.P. and Orsini, L. (2018). Predictability of the impact of multiple stressors on the keystone species Daphnia. Scientific Reports. 8 (1), p17572.

Pegoraro, M., Marshall, H., Lonsdale, Z.N. and Mallon, E.B. (2017). Do social insects support Haig's kin theory for the evolution of genomic imprinting? Epigenetics. 12 (9), p725-742.

Orsini, L., Marshall, H., Cuenca-Cambronero, M., Chaturvedi, A., Thomas, K. W., Pfrender, M.E., Spanier, K.I. and De Meester, L. (2016) Temporal genetic stability in natural populations of the waterflea Daphnia magna in response to strong selection pressure. Molecular Ecology. 25 (24), p6009-6267.



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