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Professor Emeritus Psychology

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I retired as Professor of Psychology in 2006 and am now Emeritus and also an Honorary Professor of Forensic Psychology at the University of Birmingham. My research interests concern the testimony of children and adults and the support of vulnerable witnesses at court. I have published some ten books and over 150 articles in scientific journals. I led the writing team responsible for the original version of Achieving Best Evidence: the official guidance on interviewing vulnerable witnesses in the English courts and for many years served as an expert witness in court cases where the testimony of children or other vulnerable witnesses were a focus of concern. I am a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a former President of the Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition and of the European Association for Psychology and Law. I founded the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology and co-edited the Wiley Series on Crime Policing and the Law. In addition to my academic and professional work I was for 13 years a Magistrate on the Melton and Rutland Bench. I enjoy an active retirement continuing as Editor in Chief of Applied Cognitive Psychology.


I am formally retired and no longer have access to research funding



Davies G.M. & Beech A.R. (2017) Forensic psychology: Crime justice law interventions (Third Edition).(BPS Textbook Series).Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.

Davies G.M. (2016). Identification of familiar faces after long intervals: The Tichborne Claimant revisited. Applied Cognitive Psychology30 484-489.

Davies G. M. (2016). ‘Oh yes I remember it well’: Visiting J.Don Read in 1983. Journal of Applied Memory and Cognition 5 100-102

Gibbs R. Davies G. & Chou S. (2016). A systematic review on factors affecting the likilyhood of change blindness. Crime Psychology Review 2 1-21.

Davies G.M. & Granhag P.A. (2017). Introduction to Target Article and Commentaries: A Systematic Review of the Experimental Literature on the Creation of False Memories of Childhood Events by Adults. Applied Cognitive Psychology 31 1

Davies G.M. & Young A.J. (2017). Research on face recognition: The Aberdeen influence. British Journal of Psychology 108 409-424. DOI: 10.1111/bjop.12243

Walsh E. Robertson N Ireland L. & Davies G. (2020). The impact of jury service on Scottish jurior’s health and well-being.The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice 59 3-16. 



As a retiree I am no longer able to supervise students


I currently make no contributions to any courses taught at the University of Leicester

Press and media

Eyewitness testimony; vulnerable witnesses in the witness box; identification procedures


 Editor: Applied Cognitive Psychology

Editorial Board Psychology Crime and Law

Editorial Board Psychiatry Psychology and the Law

Editorial Board Psychology Public Policy and Law

Editorial Board Crime Psychology Review 


Fellow of the British Psychological Society

Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science

British Psychological Society: Senior Academic Award for Forensic Psychology (2012)

International Investigative Interviewing Research Group.-Tom Williamson Lifetime Achievement Award for work on investigative interviewing. (2019). 

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