Professor Gawen Jenkin

Professor of Applied Geology


Professor Gawen Jenkin researches ore deposits that provide the mineral and metal resources for the green energy transformation. He has worked with industry partners on ore deposits from around the globe including copper in Cyprus and Botswana and gold in Scotland. He is now applying that expertise to understanding the sources of the hitherto little used metals that are now essential to the development of a carbon-neutral economy, in particular tellurium for solar panels.

Professor Jenkin is also researching novel approaches to extracting metals from ore and waste in a more sustainable way with novel environmentally-friendly solvents - a potential disruptive technology in the mineral processing and waste recycling industries. Through application of this technology he hopes to be able to decrease the environmental footprint of mining by recovering a wider range of metals from mined ore, and even to be able to extract metals without mining the ore at all.

Professor Jenkin is a board member for the Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and Fellow of the Society of Economic Geologists. He promotes science communication and was awarded a Distinguished University Teaching Fellowship in 2009 in recognition of imaginative teaching involvement in national initiatives which promote student learning in Geology, advised on the new specifications for A level and GCSE Geology exams, and worked in schools’ liaison for many years.

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