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I completed my PhD at the Astrophysics Research Institute, Liverpool John Moores University (Oct 2014 - Apr 2018) and have been a post-doc at the University of Leicester since Feb 2018. I started my undergraduate studies as a mature student in 2009 at the University of Liverpool, where after a foundation year went on to a 4 year integrated master's degree in Astrophysics. Prior to going to university, I worked variously as a delivery driver, courier, labourer, and fitter.


My research is focused on the theory of gamma-ray bursts their afterglows and gravitational-wave counterparts. I use analytic and numerical processes to model the phenomenological behaviour of these various transients to better understand the physical processes that produce these extra-galactic sources. By understanding the geometry and mechanisms of these systems we can better use them as laboratories to test fundamental physics and cosmology. My current post-doc position is funded as part of the STFC Consolidated Grant for the School.



Lyman, J.; Lamb, G.; Levan, A; et al. 2018, 'The optical afterglow of the short gamma-ray burst associated with GW170817', Nature Astronomy, 2, 751

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Lamb, G.; Mandel, I. & Resmi, L. 2018, 'Late-time evolution of afterglows from off-axis neutron star mergers', MNRAS, 481, 2581

Lamb, G. & Kobayashi, S. 2016, 'Low-Gamma jets from compact stellar mergers: Candidate electromagnetic counterprts to gravitational wave sources', ApJ, 829, 112

Lamb, G. & Kobayashi, S. 2019, 'Reverse shocks in the relativistic outflows of gravitational wave-detected neutron star binary mergers', MNRAS, 489, 1820

Lamb, G.; Levan, A. & Tanvir, N. 2020, 'GRB 170817A as a refreshed shock afterglow viewed off-axis', ApJ, 899, 105

Lamb, G.; Kann, D. A.; Fernandez, J. J.; et al. 2021, 'GRB jet structure and the jet break', MNRAS, 506, 4163



Any projects relating to the theory modelling and interpretation of gamma-ray bursts their afterglows and electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave sources. Relativistic jet physics. Jets from black holes.

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Gamma-ray bursts and related explosive transients.
Gravitational wave electromagnetic counterparts.
Exotic astrophysical transients.
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