Freya Tyrer

Research Fellow in Epidemiology

School/Department: Health Sciences, Department of

Telephone: 0116(0) 252 3286



I am a Research Fellow and Baily Thomas Doctoral Fellow in the Biostatistics Research Group specialising in 'big data' epidemiology. I have a particular interest in learning disabilities and mental ill-health. I also work on the Virtual Cardio-Oncology Research Initiative (VICORI), which uses electronic health record data to explore differential risk factors, treatments and outcomes among people with cardiovascular disease and/or cancer.


My current research includes:

• A study of life years lost and care pathways in people with learning disabilities: a real-world observational study (Doctoral Fellowship funded by the Baily Thomas Charitable Trust) - Use of linked CPRD data to explore health and mortality inequalities and care pathways among people with learning disabilities.

• The Virtual Cardio-Oncology Research Initiative (VICORI) - Use of patient data to explore differences in risk factors, treatments and outcomes between people with cancer, cardiovascular disease, or both.



Recent publications

  • Tyrer F, Morriss R, Kiani R, Gangadharan SK, Kundaje H, Rutherford MJ (2022). Health needs and their relationship with life expectancy in people with and without intellectual disabilities in England. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19:6602,
  • Tyrer, F, Bhaskaran K, Rutherford MJ (2022). Immortal time bias for life-long conditions in retrospective observational studies using electronic health records. BMC Medical Research Methodology 22:86,
  • Tyrer F, Morriss R, Kiani R, Gangadharan RK, Rutherford MJ. (2022) Mortality disparities and deprivation among people with intellectual disabilities in England: 2000-2019. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health 76:168-174.
  • Tyrer F, Kiani R, Rutherford MJ (2021). Mortality, predictors and causes among people with intellectual disabilities: a systematic narrative review supplemented by machine learning. Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability 46:102-114.
  • Coles B, Tyrer F, Hussein H, Dhalwani N, Khunti K (2020). Development, content validation and reliability of the Assessment of Real World Observational Studies (ArRoWS) critical appraisal tool. Annals of Epidemiology 55:57-63.
  • Tyrer F, Zaccardi F, Khunti K, Morriss R (2020). Incidence of depression and first-line antidepressant therapy in people with obesity and depression in primary care. Obesity 28:977-984.
  • Tyrer F, Ling S, Bhaumik S, Gangadharan SK, Khunti K, Gray LJ, Dunkley AJ (2020). Diabetes in adults with intellectual disability: prevalence and associated demographic, lifestyle, independence and health factors. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research 64:287-295.
  • Brugha T, Tyrer F, Leaver A, Lewis S, Seaton S, Morgan Z, Tromans S, van Rensburg K (2020). Testing adults by questionnaire for social and communication disorders, including autism spectrum disorders, in an adult mental health service population. International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research 29:e1814.
  • Kiani R, Bhaumik S, Tyrer F, Bankart J, Miller H, Cooper SA, Brugha TS (2019). The relationship between symptoms of autism spectrum disorder and visual impairment among adults with intellectual disability. Autism Research 12:1411-1422.
  • Tyrer F, Seidu S, Khunti K (2019). Real-world evidence: improving quality in cardiometabolic medicine. Diabetes & Primary Care 21:47-48.
  • Tyrer F, Dunkley A, Singh J, Kristunas C, Khunti K, Bhaumik S, Davies MK, Yates T, Gray L (2019). Multimorbidity and lifestyle factors among adults with intellectual disabilities: a cross-sectional analysis of a UK cohort. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research 63:225-265.
  • Tyrer F, Dunkley AJ, Spong R, Gangadharan SK, Bhaumik S, Khunti K (2017). Involving service users with intellectual disability in research: experiences from the STOP Diabetes Study. Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities 3:255-261.


PhD probation and second-year review panel membership (2017,2018)
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