Dr Fiona Miall

Deputy Head of Medical School, Director of Clinical Studies & Honorary Consultant Haematologist

School/Department: Leicester Medical School



I graduated from Nottingham University Medical School in 1994 and early in my training recognised that Haematology was the specialty for me. So having spent some time abroad and passed MRCP I came to Leicester for a 6 month stand-alone post in 1998 with a plan to apply for specialist training in the North yet I stayed and achieved FRCPath largely due to the hugely supportive friendly training environment and the breadth and depth of Haematological presentations seen here.

I have been a Consultant Haematologist since 2006 sub-specialising in lymphoma but with all-round on-call practice. I enjoy the clinical role and also my clinical trials work. I have had an undergraduate role from the start of my consultant career firstly co-designing and running the cancer care block and then shaping the year 5 Foundation Assistantships within the new Leicester Medical School curriculum before taking on Head of Year 5.

From April 2019 to Summer 2022 I was Director of Clinical Studies overseeing phase 2 (years 3, 4 & 5) of the curriculum and the team who delivers this, including embracing the challenges brought by the COVID pandemic on clinical education. Since March 2022 I have been working as one of the two Deputy Heads of School for the School of Medicine and I continue to practice as a hospital consultant.



For many years the Leicester lymphoma / CLL research team led by Professor Martin Dyer has had clinical trials running across a Phase 1-3 portfolio with an interest in targeted therapy and strength in reverse translational studies. I have had the privilege to locally lead many NCRI and commercial studies and to recruit patients to studies across the wider portfolio looking at diagnostic work up and treatment. I am a member of the NCRI Hodgkin lymphoma study group. I sit on the Trial Management Group for clinical studies.


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I oversee all phase 2 (years 3, 4 & 5) teaching within the Leicester Medical School Curriculum as Director of Clinical Studies and also teach Haematology across the 5 years of the course.

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