Dr Fabracio Gaes

Lecturer in Creative Computing


I received the B.Sc. degree in Computer Science and M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from PUC Minas University Brazil. I received the Ph.D. degree in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh UK in 2012. I worked as a professor in PUC Minas University from 2004 to 2020. Since 2021 I have been working in the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences University of Leicester UK. My research interests are in Computational Creativity and High Performance Computing.


I've been a member of the program committee of the International Conference in Computational Creativity since 2016. I'm also a reviewer on various conferences and journals related to my research interests.



R. Rocha, V. Porpodas, P. Petoumenos, F. Gaes, Z. Wang, M. Cole, H. Leather, ""Vectorization-aware loop unrolling with seed forwarding"", CC, 1-13, 2020.

A. Ribeiro, F. Gaes, ""HearthBot: An Autonomous Agent Based on Fuzzy ART Adaptive Neural Networks for the Digital Collectible Card Game HearthStone"", IEEE Trans. Games 10(2): 170-181, 2018.

C. Franca, F. Gaes, A. Amorim, R. Rocha, A. Ribeiro, ""Regent-Dependent Creativity: A Domain Independent Metric for the Assessment of Creative Artifacts"", ICCC, 68-76, 2016.

F. Gaes, N. Ioannou, P. Xekalakis, M. Cole, M. Cintra, ""Autotuning Skeleton-Driven Optimizations for Transactional Worklist Applications"", IEEE Trans. Parallel Distributed Syst. 23(12): 2205-2218, 2012.

W. Cirne, F. Brasileiro, D. Silva, F. Gaes, W. Voorsluys, ""On the efficacy, efficiency and emergent behavior of task replication in large distributed systems"", Parallel Comput. 33(3): 213-234, 2007.

F. Gaes, L. Ramos, C. Martins, ""ClusterSim: a Java-based parallel discrete-event simulation tool for cluster computing"", CLUSTER, 401-410, 2004.

F. Gaes, C. Martins, ""Reconfigurable Gang Scheduling Algorithm"", JSSPP, 81-101, 2004.



Creative Computing Computational Creativity High Performance Computing


Computational Creativity AI Technologies Digital Arts Lab Concurrent Design Creativity and Computing Developmental Computing (Creative Computing undergraduate course)

Press and media

Computational Creativity Artificial Intelligence High Performance Computing
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