Dr Emma Chung

Lecturer / Clinical Scientist

School/Department: Cardiovascular Sciences, Department of

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I was born in Tasmania studied Physics at the University of Kent and obtained my PhD in Physics from the University of Warwick. I held a British Heart Foundation Intermediate Fellowship from 2008 -2013 before going on to become a HCPC-registered Academic Clinical Scientist and Lecturer in Medical Physics.

I currently work three days per week as a Senior Lecturer in Medical Ultrasound Education at King’s College London. My remaining time is split between my duties as Academic Research Lead for the UHL NHS Trust Medical Physics Department and supervision of my wonderful research students within the University of Leicester Department of Cardiovascular Sciences. 


My research centres on the development and translation of ultrasound technologies for the monitoring and detection of brain injury including funding from the MRC EPSRC NIHR BHF Innovate UK STFC HRUK and industry. I recently received a ‘Highly Commended for research' award in the NHS England Chief Scientific Officer’s awards. I am co-editor of a textbook ‘Practical Clinical Medical Physics’ and former Editor-in-Chief of the British Medical Ultrasound Society journal Ultrasound. 


Almutairi F, Chung EML, Moran CM and Ramnarine KV. A novel elastography phantom prototype for assessment of ultrasound elastography imaging performance. Ultrasound in Med. & Biol., (In press)

EM Davies, AJ Bridges, EML Chung. Does radiology require informed consent for radiation risk? The British Journal of Radiology 2021; 94, 20210620

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Ince J, Alharbi M, Minhas JD, Chung EML. Ultrasound Measurement of Brain Tissue Movement in Humans: A systematic Review. Ultrasound 2020; 28(2): 70-81

Alharbi M, Turner P, Ince J, Oura M, Ebirim KU, Almudayni A, Lecchini-Visintini A, Minhas JS, Chung EML The effects of hypocapnia on Brain Tissue Pulsations. Brain Sciences 2020; 10(9) 614.

Patel N, Banahan C, Janus J, Horsfield M, Cox A, Li X, Cappellugola, Colman J, Egan V, Garrard P, Chung EML. Perioperative cerebral microbleeds after adult cardiac surgery. Stroke. 2019; 50:336-343. (

Keelan J, Chung EML, Hague JP. Development of a globally optimised model of the cerebral arteries. Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2019; 64(12):21 

Patel N, Horsfield MA, Banahan C, Janus J, Masters K, Morlese J, Egan V, and Chung EML. Impact of perioperative infarcts after cardiac surgery. Stroke. 2015; 46:680-686. 

Patel N, Horsfield MA, Banahan C, Thomas AG, Nath J, Ambrosi PB, and Chung EML. Detection of focal longitudinal changes in the brain by subtraction of MR images. American Journal of Neuroradiology 2017 38(5) 923-927 (10.3174/ajnr.A5165)


Sorry I am not taking new PhD students at the moment.


PA3601 Applied Physics

Project supervisor: i-MSc students. 

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