Professor Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska

Professor in Old Age Psychiatry

School/Department: Psychology and Vision Sciences, School of



I hold the Chair in Old Age Psychiatry. My academic interests are influenced both by my clinical and laboratory based educational and research background. I am driven by the objective of improving clinical outcomes from molecular and cellular discoveries, to the benefit of patients with cognitive and mental health impairments. This is reflected in my areas of academic interest that include: dementia, delirium, autism, and mental health of older people.


My research involves:

  • (a) understanding the molecular substrates underlying age-associated cognitive impairment in elderly, and how they are related to the development of the two major neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies;
  • (b) developing peripheral biomarkers with high sensitivity and specificity to detect various forms of dementia, and their implementation in routine clinical setting with an aim to monitor the progression of the disease and treatment (patented);
  • (c) relating this knowledge to further neuropathological and neurobiochemical knowledge of ageing in neurodevelopmental disorders, such as ageing and neurodegeneration in Down syndrome and autism; and
  • (d) relating the laboratory-based knowledge of aetiopathogenesis of dementia and ageing to
    • (i) clinical practice (neuropharmacology of cognitive impairment and behavioural problems in neurodegenerative diseases, delirium and depression) and
    • (ii) teaching old age psychiatry medicine to undergraduate and postgraduate students, trainees and professionals.
  • (e) cognitive screening and mental health in neurodivergent and underserved populations.


A full list of my publications can be found on Google Scholar, PubMed and ResearchGate

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Applicants for PhD, Doctorate in Psychology and Master and intercalated medical students most welcome. 

At present I supervise a number of PhD and doctorate students working on raising awareness of mental health among people from ethnic background, developing cognitive tests for use in underserved populations and dementia issues among people from ethnic background.


  • Cognition/dementia and mental health in older people
  • Early onset dementia
  • Biomarkers for dementia


  • Medical and psychology undergraduate students
  • MRes in Biology of Ageing, Newcastle University
  • Internal and external undergraduate and postgraduate examiner

Press and media

  • Mental health and cognition/dementia in older people and people from ethnic background
  • Young onset dementia
  • Mental health and dementia and COVID-19


  • Associated Editor Frontiers Ageing Neuroscience
  • Associated Editor Frontiers Psychiatry (Old Age Psychiatry)
  • Visiting Professor, School of Clinical Psychology, UACS Skopje
  • Reviewer for a number of neurology, old age psychiatry and neuroscience Journals and Research Bodies
  • External examiner University of Tasmania (Australia), University of Coimbra (Portugal), Sts Cyril and Methodius and UACS Skopje (N Macedonia), Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King's College (London), University of Oxford, Newcastle University, University of Birmingham, University of Edinburgh (UK)
  • External examiner for Neuroscience Postgraduate module University of Southampton
  • External examiner for Medicine, University of Nottingham
  • Member of WHO Neurology COVID-19 working group
  • Member of Alzheimer's Association Global Consortium on CNS SARS CoV-2


  • MD (Ss Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, N Macedonia)
  • MMedSci in Clinical Psychiatry (Ss Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, N Macedonia)
  • PhD (University of Cambridge, UK)
  • FRCPsych (London, UK)

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