Dr Ed Brown

Honorary Fellow

School/Department: History Politics and International Relations, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)7867 624 585



I have been affiliated with the University of Leicester since 2005. I have taught International Relations at both undergraduate and post-graduate level both on-campus and via distance learning.

My PhD (January 2018) was on secession from failed states and the ethical and pragmatic issues surrounding it.

Outside of academia I work in local government.

My hobbies include cricket travel cooking and history/heritage.


My research interests primarily concern recognition and sovereignty. My Bachelor's degree was in International Relations with the dissertation on the proliferation of WMD and my Masters degree was in Diplomatic Studies with the dissertation on the diplomatic relations of unrecognised states.



Ed Brown “The United Nations Self-Determination State Failure and Secession” in Jakob R. Avgustin (Ed.) The United Nations: Friend or Foe of Self-Determination (Bristol: E-International Relations Publishing 2020) pp86-108

I have also written book reviews for journals such as the Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs.



International Security Statelessness Recognition Geopolitics Secession Nuclear Politics


On Campus

‘Order and Disorder- International Relations 1989- Present’ ‘International Relations since 1945’ ‘Key Skills in Politics and International Relations’ and ‘International Security’.

Via Distance Learning

‘Art of Negotiation’ ‘International Security’ ‘Post-Cold War World Order’ ‘American Interventionism after the Cold War’ ‘The Politics of Global Nuclear Order' and Dissertation Support modules.

Press and media

Unrecognised States Recognition Secession State Failure Nuclear Politics Geopolitics.


I work as a Democratic Services Officer for Charnwood Borough Council and I am a member of the Association of Democratic Services Officers. I previously worked as a Democratic Support Officer for Leicester City Council. This has given me an insight and knowledge of the workings of local government.


I have presented papers on self-determination secession and state-failure at a number of conferences including for the British International History Group and the International Association for Peace and Conflict Studies.


International Security Statelessness Recognition Geopolitics Secession Nuclear Politics Local Government


BA (Hons) International Relations MA (Distinction) Diplomatic Studies PhD International Relations.

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