Other Duncan Ross

Head of Electronics Manufacturing

School/Department: Physics & Astronomy, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 3012



I have worked at the University in the School of Physics and Astronomy since 1990 and I am primarily responsible for the design and manufacture of electronic assemblies wiring and mechanical systems for use both in our ground-based lab research programmes and also for our orbital and interplanetary spacecraft missions. I've been responsible for such systems on seven successful space missions and I'm currently lead engineer at Leicester for one of the cameras being developed for the Cherenkov Telescope Array a ground-based array of large telescopes at the ESO observatory in Chile. Prior to working here I was a radar systems engineer working with Marconi. I am also the group safety supervisor one of the first-aiders DSE assessor and Health and Wellbeing Champion.


I am involved with any mission requiring electronics manufacturing support and similarly for our laboratories. Space missions often bring new challenges requiring research into materials adhesives assembly methods and novel packaging solutions; it is part of my role to find solutions to these new problems.



I have no direct publications but am mentioned in many due to my contribution through hardware development.



I am not directly involved with teaching but I am always happy to provide lab support and develop test equipment for our PhD research students.


I am not normally involved with teaching but provide occasional support on our MSc programmes.
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