Dr David McVey

Post-doctoral Research Associate

School/Department: Cardiovascular Sciences, Department of



I studied genetics at the University of Leicester before completing my PhD in cardiovascular sciences, also at the University of Leicester, which involved the use of genome editing to examine the effects of coronary artery disease-associated genetic variants. My subsequent post-doctoral work at the University of Leicester has continued to investigate the role and interplay of genetic variants, gene expression and cell behaviour to improve our understanding of cardiovascular disease.


My research interests focus on the genetics of coronary artery disease and other cardiovascular diseases. My current work explores the role of genetic variants in the regulation of vascular cell function and how these variants influence both gene expression and cell behaviour in response to inflammatory signalling to further our understanding of the interaction between inflammation, the genome and cell function in cardiovascular disease. My research also explores the use of novel technologies for the generation of high-throughput gene expression data from large sample cohorts.


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I currently supervise the laboratory activities of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students during their research projects, providing training and guidance on a variety of molecular biology and cell culture techniques.


  • BSc (Hons): Biological Sciences - Genetics (Leicester, 2011)
  • PhD: Cardiovascular Sciences (Leicester, 2015)
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