Dr David Edwards

Lecturer in Archaeology

School/Department: Archaeology and Ancient History, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 2881



I studied History at York University an MLitt in Archaeology at Newcastle University and a PhD at Cambridge University while also working for several years as a professional field archaeologist around Britain; coming to Leicester in 1999. I have extensive field experience in Nubia/Sudan as well as in many parts of Britain as well as Egypt Jordan and Libya. My primary research interests remain in Sudanese/Nubian archaeology from the Bronze Age to the recent.


Much of my research has found a regional focus in Nubia Sudan and Sudanic Africa with more recent research concerned both with large multi-period landscape studies the Historical/Islamic/Ottoman archaeology of Sudanic Africa as well as social archaeologies relating to pottery and pottery use. My current work is focussing in publishing the archives of the (UNESCO-Sudan Antiquities Service) Archaeological Survey of Sudanese Nubia 1963-1969.


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Applicants are welcome from those interested in PhD research relating to Sudan Nubia and Sudanic Africa particularly relating to ceramic culture pottery mortuary archaeologies and landscape-scale studies. Students interested in working with the ASSN archive would be especially welcome.


I teach at all levels of Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies campus and distance learning including Egyptian and Nubian/Sudanese archaeology medieval archaeology landscape archaeologies archaeologies of religion and belief and skills for Professional Archaeology.


Associate Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (ACIfA)
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