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My research expands knowledge on how multicultural and interconnected marketplaces can foster societal engagement and wellbeing. My interest in exploring cultural diversity within and across nations was spawned and nurtured by my experiences working and living in a number of countries, in continental Europe, Africa and in the USA.

I joined the University of Leicester in 2019, having previously been a Senior Lecturer at Coventry University (UK). I have completed my formative journey at the University of Texas at Austin (USA) as a Fulbright scholar, the University of Manchester, as a European Social Fund grantee, and at the Bucharest Academy of Economics, which awarded me a Ph.D. in International Business in 2015. Prior to pursuing my doctoral studies, I have worked as a marketing specialist for multinational companies, as well as small enterprises.


My research contributes to the growing body of knowledge about culturally diverse marketplaces and market inclusion. It aims to broaden our understanding of contemporary markets, where people have unprecedented opportunities for voluntary and involuntary interactions with lifestyles, consumption practices, products, services and experiences associated with diverse cultural meanings and origins.

In my work, I draw from and build on theories originated in sociology, cultural studies, philosophy, international relations and politics. Methodologically, I follow an interpretive/hermeneutic (qualitative) approach.

My ongoing projects focus on the following two main areas:
(1) multicultural locales (some of the theoretical constructs that I am interested in are: narratives of the self, living diversity, and culturally plural consumption);
(2) experiential retail spaces (I am currently exploring contexts such as festivals and markets).


(0) Kipnis, E., Demangeot, C., Pullig, C., Cross, S. N. N., Cui, C. C., Galalae, C., Kearney, S., Licsandru, T. C., Mari, C., Ruiz, V. M., Swanepoel, S., Vorster, L., & Williams, J. (2021). Institutionalizing diversity and inclusion engaged marketing (DIEM) for multicultural marketplace wellbeing. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 40 (2), pp. 143-164.

Galalae, C., Kipnis, E., Demangeot, E. (2020). Reassessing positive dispositions for the consumption of products and services with different cultural meanings: A motivational perspective. Journal of Business Research, 115, pp. 160-173.

Broeckerhoff, A. & Galalae, C. (2020) Christmas markets - marketplace icon. Consumption Markets & Culture (in press).

Demangeot, C., Kipnis, E., Pulling C., Cross, S., Emontspool, J., Galalae, C., Grier, S., Rosenbaum, M. & Best, S. (2019). Constructing a Bridge to Multicultural Marketplace Well-Being: a Consumer-centered Framework for Market Action. Journal of Business Research, 100, pp. 339-353.

Galalae, C., Emontspool, J. & Omidvar, O., (2018). Culinary Communication Practices: the Role of Retail Spaces in Producing Field-specific Cultural Capital. Research in Consumer Behaviour. Emerald Group Publishing, Vol. 20, pp. 169-181.

Galalae, C. & George, S. (2017). Nestlé in Mexico: The Good Food Versus the Good Life Dilemma. Strategic Marketing Cases in Emerging Economies. Springer Publication, pp. 1-10.


I welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students interested in the research topics and research paradigms listed below:

Research topics:

Multicultural marketplaces
Acculturation studies
Marketplace inclusion and wellbeing
Experiential consumption
Ephemeral retail spaces (e.g. festivals, markets, pop-up stores)
Destination marketing and branding
Mobility and narratives of travel

Research paradigms:

Interpretive Consumer Research
Consumer Culture Theory (CCT)
Transformative Consumer Research (TCR)
Critical Marketing


I contribute to teaching on the following modules:

MN7709: Organisational Research and Consultancy Methods and the MBA Project

MN7704: Managing International Marketing Communications, Brand and Relationships (MBA)

MN7008 Ethical Foundations in International Marketing (MSc International Marketing)

MN7011 Consumption, Brands and Communications (MSc Marketing)

MN7404 Marketing Management (MSc Management Programmes)

MN7020 Dissertation supervision (undergraduate)

MN3101/MN3103 Dissertation supervision (postgraduate)

Press and media

I welcome press inquries on topics related to cultural diversity in the marketplace multicultural markets and consumers racism and discrimination in the marketplace diversity and inclusion in the marketplace experietial retail German Christmas Markets festivals.


Professional Memberships: 
Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Member of the Transformative Consumer Research External Funding Sub-committee
Editorial Board Member for the ""Culture. Society. Economy. Politics"" International Journal 


I and my colleagues in the Multicultural Marketplaces network have received the Women in Marketing Award 2020, in the Marketing Scientist category, which recognises female leads from the marketing education sector.

I have secured an ESRC Impact Acceleration grant through the SMALL RAPID RESPONSE SCHEME to fund an international research repositry on Diversity and Inclusion-Engaged Marketing (DIEM) that I am currently co-developing with colleagues from different universities in the UK and abroad.


I attend international conferences relevant to the communitis that I am part of and for my fields of interests. Some example include: 

Galalae. C., Kipnis., E., Cui., C., Johnson, E., Licsandru, T., Vorster, L., Demangeot, C., Kearney, S., Lindsey-Warren, T, Mari, C., Ruiz, V., Pullig, C. (2021), A multi-contextual lens on racism and discrimination in the multicultural marketplace, Boutique conference on Racism and Consumer Discrimination in the Marketplace, Association for Consumer Research. 

Omidvaar, O., Galalae, C. (2016) Sensemaking in Cultural Festivals and Events, presented at the Academy of Management (BAM) Conference 2019.

Galalae, C., Emontspool, J., Omidvar, O. (2018). Culinary Communication Practices: How Temporary Retail Spaces Produce Field-specific Cultural Capital, presented at theConsumer Culture Theory Conference (CCT) 2018. 

Galalae, C., Kipnis, E. (2018). From the Logic of Identity Work to an Instrumental View on Culturally Diverse Consumption: a Utility Theory Perspective, presented at theEuropean Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC) 2018.

Media coverage

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