Dr Blerina Xheraj

Research Associate

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I joined Leicester Law School in April 2020 having previously worked in academia non-profit organizations and law firms in the UK and Switzerland. I am Ambassador for the CEE Region at Arbitrator Intelligence and I have been teaching law as a Guest Lecturer since 2014. In the past I worked as a Research Assistant and Researcher in high-profile funded projects at the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and have been involved in a number of pro bono activities advising foreign governments on arbitration law and policy-making. I completed my PhD in Law Magna cum Laude at the University of Geneva under the supervision of Professor Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler. I also hold an LLM in International Business Law (London) a JD/Laurea Magistrale in Giurisprudenza (Siena) and a Diploma in Legal Studies (Oxford).


I am currently working on a multidisciplinary research project which addresses social and psychological aspects of commercial arbitration practice in Europe. I am also interested in comparative law social network analysis the ISDS reform multilateralism and EU external relations law.



B. Xheraj (with A. Cheevers, P. Vargiu and T. Cole), ‘The liquid notions of impartiality and independence in international commercial arbitration’ (forthcoming, Transnational Dispute Management 2021). 

B. Xheraj (with R. Digon, P. Vargiu, and T. Cole), ‘An interview-based approach to the practice of commercial arbitration in Egypt’ (forthcoming, Transnational Dispute Management 2021).

B. Xheraj (with W. Zhang), ‘United in Diversity: The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment’, in Internationalisation of EU Law and EU-China Relations (Matthieu Burnay, Li Bin, and Marina Timoteo (eds), forthcoming, Routledge 2021). 

B. Xheraj, ‘The geographical scope of Swedish arbitration practice’ (Commercial Arbitration in Europe Blog Post, 19 August 2021).

B. Xheraj, ‘Erasmus, Jus Canonicum and Arbitration’ (Commercial Arbitration in Europe Blog Post, 4 December 2020). 
B. Xheraj, ‘Codes of Conduct and Exceptions: A Dichotomy of Standards between Investment and Commercial Arbitration?’ (Commercial Arbitration in Europe Blog Post, 14 September 2020). 

B. Xheraj, ‘A Comparative Law Approach as a Technique for Solving Conflicts between EU law and Investment Arbitration: the Case of the ECtHR’ in Mesut Akbaba and Giancarlo Capurro (eds.) International Challenges in Investment Arbitration, Routledge Research in International Economic Law (Routledge, October 2018).

B. Xheraj, ‘A reading of intra-EU BITs in light of recent developments of EU law’, Columbia FDI Perspectives No. 158 (2015).

B. Xheraj (with S. Ebere), ‘Who Decides Arbitrability Where a Precondition to Arbitration Has Not Been Satisfied?: A Comment on the US Supreme Court’s Decision to Hear the Appeal in BG Group v. Argentina’, Journal of International Arbitration 31(1), pp. 101-109 (2014).
B. Xheraj (with S. Ebere), ‘Nine Years Later: Investment Treaty Arbitration's Contribution to International Commercial Arbitration’, Am. Rev. Int'l Arb 25, pp. 85-104 (2014). 

B. Xheraj (with L. Babiy and A.C. Sheikh), ‘Should Mexico join ICSID?’ Institut de hautes études internationales et du développement, Centre for Trade and Economic Integration CTEI-2012-06 (2012), available at: 



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