Dr Bleddyn Bowen

Lecturer in International Relations


Dr Bleddyn Bowen is an expert in space policy and international relations in outer space. He has published research on strategic thinking and outer space, UK and EU space policy, UK and US military space doctrines, and the politics of orbital debris. Based on the classic works of military theory, his research challenges prevailing thought in military and civilian space communities and offers practical policy relevant insights for the space sector at the intersection of politics, military power, security, and technology.

Building on his expertise in the politics of outer space and the impact of space technologies on warfare, national security, and international relations, Dr Bowen has published several journal articles and a monograph on the military, security, and political dimensions of outer space. He can offer expert insights on military and intelligence space activities, governance issues in outer space, space arms control, and the international political dimensions of space exploration.

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