Dr Anvesha Singh

Associate Professor/ Honorary Consultant Cardiologist

School/Department: Cardiovascular Sciences, Department of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 3183



I am Consultant Cardiologist specialising in cardiac imaging (echocardiography and cardiac MRI) with an interest in clinical and translational research. I am currently based at the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences at the NIHR Leicester Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) supported by an NIHR Advanced Fellowship. Prior to my current appointment I completed my Cardiology clinical training in the East Midlands South Deanery. I took 3 years out of training to do a PhD with Professor McCann at the University of Leicester following which I was appointed as an NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer (ACL) in Cardiology when I was awarded an Academy of Medical Sciences starter grant for clinical lecturers.


My research interests include using imaging and blood biomarkers to improve risk stratification in aortic stenosis the commonest valve lesion requiring surgery in the western world. My PhD looked at the role of a novel imaging biomarker (myocardial perfusion reserve) in predicting symptom onset and adverse outcomes in initially asymptomatic aortic stenosis the results of which were published in the European Heart Journal the highest ranking Cardiology journal and for which I won two young investigator awards (BHVS 2015 and SCMR 2016). I am using novel imaging techniques and contrast agents to better understand the pathophysiology of symptom development and adverse cardiac remodeling in aortic stenosis. I am also collaborating with colleagues to understand the role of biomarkers including microRNAs and the development of myocardial fibrosis. During my Fellowship I plan to conduct a qualitative sub-study in collaboration with qualitative researchers at the University of Sheffield.


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MRI in aortic stenosis and other cardiac diseases Novel MRI sequences and contrast agents Biomarkers in aortic stenosis


I became a fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) in February 2021. I regularly participate as faculty/presenter at national/international Cardiology/ cardiac MRI conferences. I regularly train research Fellows/ Cardiology SpRs in clinical cardiac MRI and contribute to assessment of medical students and undergraduates at the university. I am the primary supervisor for 2 PhD students and regularly supervise iMSc medical students.

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-Member of the British Society of cardiac MRI (BSCMR) trainee committee until 2019. Now the regional BSCMR training lead for East Midlands and a member of the BSCMR valve working group. -Locally I am the clinical co-lead for the Translational Medical Fac


-Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2021) -EACVI Level-3 CMR accreditation (2019) -SCCT Level-2 cardiac CT accreditation (2019) -CCT in Cardiology (2019) -British Society of Echocardiography TOE/TTE accreditation (2017/2018) -PhD (Role of cardiac mag
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