Dr Andy Ward

Senior Clinical Educator


I am a practising GP and at the Medical School am a senior member of the Primary Care Education team. I am Unit Lead for the Compassionate Holistic Diagnostic Detective course covering communication skills examination skills diagnostic reasoning patient safety and patient-centred care. The course is one of the biggest units in the medical curriculum spanning the first two years of the degree and providing 30 sessions of small group teaching. I have been Clinical Lead for Communication Skills since 2007 and have helped to develop innovative teaching on the use of electronic communication with patients. I am the UK National Representative for EACH the International Association for Communication in Healthcare - a global organisation dedicated to exploring and improving the ways in which healthcare professionals patients and relatives communicate with one another.


I have been involved in research around communication skills empathy in medical interactions and digital consultations between medical students and patients.


(0) Pankhania M, Judd O, Ward A. Otorrhoea. BMJ 2011; 342: d2299

Hayward E, Ward A. Virtual learning communities for faculty members: does WhatsApp work? Medical Education 52(5):569 (1 page) 01 May 2018

Ward A, Bethea J, Hsu R. Exploring life with a long-term condition using asynchronous online communication. Patient Education and Counseling
Volume 102, Issue 12, December 2019, Pages 2325-2329

Ward A, Asif A, Cattermole R, Chima J, Ebbatson T, Mahi I, Richardson N, Sheikh H. Social prescribing by students: the design and delivery of a social prescribing scheme by medical students in general practice. Education for Primary Care, 31:5, 318-322

Cairns P, Pinker I, Ward A, Watson E, Laidlaw A. Empathy maps in communication skills training. Clinical Teacher. 2021;18:142-146. 



Clinical communication. Diagnostic reasoning. Digital interactions with patients.


MBChB - Medical Degree Compassionate Holistic Diagnostic Detective Course - Phase 1 of the MBChB degree.

Press and media

Digital interactions with patients. Communication skills. Inclusion health. Diagnostic reasoning.


UK National Representative of EACH - International Association for Communication in Healthcare Member of UK Council for Clinical Communication Member of UK Clinical Reasoning in Medical Education Group


Membership of the Academy of Medical Educators 2012 Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy 2014 University of Leicester Distinguished Teaching Fellowship 2015 Merit Award University of Leicester 2019 Denis O’Leary Medical Educator Award 2020 


MBChB - 1992 (Leicester) MSc - Clinical Leadership Education and Research - 2021 (De Montfort University)
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