Andreas Anastasiou

Teaching Fellow in Journalism Media and Communication

School/Department: Media Communication and Sociology, School of



I teach and research journalism at the University of Leicester UK after practising journalism in Greece for twenty-five years. Aiming my research to be useful to journalists students educators and the public I investigate the principles of good journalistic practice their implementation on the ground and the correspondence between the two. I have conducted research on Greek and Turkish journalism demonstrating that (in both countries) patriotic values are in conflict with journalistic professionalism. Existing and forthcoming publications are based on my PhD thesis titled ‘To be published or not to be? Deciding what’s news in the UK Sweden and Greece’.


I have written on comparative journalism research on the usefulness of applying the meso-sociological (field) perspective in it as well as on integrating quantitative and qualitative methods. Furthermore I am interested in investigating the extent to which alternative media ownership can lead to a more independent journalism.



‘Investigating news selection: an integrated model for cross-national comparisons’ Sur le Journalisme About Journalism Sobre Jornalismo 6(2) pp. 82-95 URL:

'Dynamics of news selection in different socio-cultural contexts: Theoretical and methodological issues’. for(e)dialogue Vol. 1 Issue 1 pp. 95-107 URL:

‘Journalism and history: either ‘patriotic’ or truthful’. In P. Reilly A. Veneti and D. Atanasova (eds) Politics Emotion and Protest: Interdisciplinary Perspectives Chapter 15 (pp. 69-73 of downloadable pdf file). Sheffield: Information School University of Sheffield URL:

‘Cyprus and its Conflicts: Representations Materialities & Cultures’ by V. Doudaki and N. Carpentier (eds) (2018). Book review in: Journal of Language and Politics 19(4): 716-719. DOI:

‘Journalistic Authority: Legitimating News in the Digital Era’ by Matt Carlson (2017). Book review in: Information Communication and Society. URL:

‘News logic routines and constraints in the UK Sweden and Greece’. Chapter to be included in: L. Barkho & J. Lugo-Ocando (eds) The Handbook of Applied Journalism and Media Studies - Investigating Journalism Practice Across Regions and Cultures Bristol: Intellect Books (in preparation)

‘Publishability’ vs ‘newsworthiness’: revising ‘news values’ theory. Journal article to be submitted to: Journalism Studies (in preparation)



I supervise dissertations related to journalism public relations or advertising and consumer culture.


Broadcast Journalism I & II The production of news Writing for Public Relations Introduction to Media & Advertising

Press and media

Principles of Journalism influences on journalists comparing journalistic cultures nationalism/patriotism in the media


""Time to revise ‘news values’: ‘publishability’ fills an explanatory gap"". ECREA 8th Biennial Conference - Online (6-9 Sep. 2021)

""Similarities and differences of doing journalism across countries"". ECREA Journalism Section Conference - Vienna Austria (14-15 Feb. 2019)

""Comparing newsworthiness in the UK Sweden and Greece"". ‘What’s (the) News? Values Viruses and Vectors of Newsworthiness’ 3rd Biennial Conference of the Brussels Institute for Journalism Studies (BIJU) - Brussels Belgium (13-14 Dec. 2018)

""Selecting the news… differently: UK Sweden and Greece compared"". ECREA 7th Biennial Conference - Lugano Switzerland (31 Oct.-3 Nov. 2018)

""Selecting the news in the UK Sweden and Greece"". ‘New Directions in Media and Sociology’ Conference - Leicester UK (19 Sep. 2018)

""Bridging micro and macro factors in comparative research on news selection"". ‘New Directions in Media and Sociology’ Conference - Leicester UK (3 Jul. 2017)

""Selecting the news: an international comparison of values and criteria"". ECREA 6th Biennial Conference - Prague Czechia (9-12 Nov. 2016) ""Why ‘news values’ do not explain news selection"". IAMCR Annual Conference - Leicester UK (27-31 Jul. 2016)

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