Dr Alison Dunkley



I am a Lecturer in the Diabetes Research Centre, Department of Health Sciences. My professional background is in nursing. I joined the University of Leicester in 2002 to focus on primary care and health services research. The body of work I have contributed to relates mainly to the prevention and management of chronic diseases and long term conditions, in particularly diabetes and cardiovascular disease. I was awarded a PhD in 2011 and appointed to a full-time Lecturer position in the Diabetes Research Centre in 2017. My main areas of research expertise relate to screening studies and randomised controlled trials, adapting research processes for different populations, self-management education for prevention/management of diabetes, and development and evaluation of complex interventions for adults with intellectual disabilities. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic and Professional Practice (PGCAPP) from the University of Leicester.


• Health Services Research

• Prevention and management of long-term health conditions in particularly diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

• Development and evaluation of complex interventions for adults with intellectual disabilities.


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I am a Deputy Course Lead for the MSc in Diabetes (distance learning). My teaching responsibilities include being Module Lead for MD7525 Foundation Research module and MD7526 Dissertation module. I am also Co-lead Postgraduate Tutor for Diabetes Research/Health Sciences.

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