Dr Alex Webb

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

School/Department: Physics & Astronomy, School of



Both my undergraduate degree in Physics with Astrophysics and my PhD were at the University of Leicester. My PhD was with Professor Hartmut Boesch and was on the topic of measuring methane over the Amazon Basin from space comparing these measurements with aircraft and modelled data. For my first post-doc position I moved to the Open University where I spent a few years working on the downscaling of satellite measurements of land surface temperature. In 2018 I returned to the University of Leicester as a member of the school of Physics and Astronomy’s Earth Observation Science group once again this time as a member of staff for the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO). I am currently based in Space Park Leicester.


My currently research is funded by the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) a distributed NERC centre for research. I work on the measurements of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane using satellites such as GOSAT OCO-2 and Sentinel-5P. This work includes finding and quantifying plumes of methane from leaks at oil and gas facilities as well as more fundamental tasks such as assessing the biases and quality of the data we measure from these satellites. I also use the GOSAT satellite to measure Solar Induced chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF); an infra-red signal emitted by plants which we can use as a proxy for plant photosynthetic activity. Finally I am using the Met Offices’ Numerical Atmospheric dispersion Modelling Environment (NAME) to model greenhouse gases on the city scale with the aim of tying the measurements to emissions inventories and ground-based in-situ measurements to further our understanding of how these gases affect the urban environment.


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