Dr Ahmed Saleh Elimam

Associate Professor in Translation Studies

School/Department: Arts, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 3879


Address: School of Arts University of Leicester University Road, Leicester, LE1 7RH, UK


Ahmed completed his undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature and studied a PG Diploma in Pedagogy at Mansoura University, Egypt. He then studied MA in Translation at London Metropolitan University and PhD in Translation at the University of Manchester. Ahmed has been at Leicester since 2013 where he isAssociate Professor in Translation Studies and the director of the MA in Translation and Interpreting. Ahmed researches Qur'an and literary translation issues and has an interest in the area of translation for the media. His recent publication, The Qur'an, Translation and the Media: A Narrative Account, examines how translation is used by the media to create narrative about the Qur'an and Muslims. Ahmed's forthcoming book, Arabic-English-Arabic Literary Translation: Issues and Strategies, focuses on how issues of literary texts can be dealt with in translation.


My research focuses on Qur'an translation, Arabic-English literary translation, stylistic translation issues, translation in and for the media, translation theory and translation strategies. 


2023 Arabic-English-Arabic Literary Translation: Issues and Strategies, Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh. 


2021 co-authored with AS Fletcher, The Qur'an, Translation and the Media: A Narrative Account, Routledge: London and New York.


2020 “Muslim Scholars as Self-Translators,” Skase Journal of Translation and Interpretation, Vol 12 (2): 98-112.


2020 "Translating Word Order Variations in the Qur’an A Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment," Journal Of critical Studies in Language and Literature, Vol 1(4): 2020: 1-12.


2019 “Media, Translation and the Construction of the Muslim Image: A Narrative Perspective,” The International Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies, Vol (7)2.


2018 Co-author with Mohamed Khalid “A Literary Critical Discourse on Qur’an’s Reception in Seventh-Century Arabia,” Journal of Al-Tamaddun, Vol 13(2).


2017 “Translating the Qur'an into English: Target Readers' Expectations,” Skase Journal of Translation and Interpretation, Vol 11(1): 85-76.


2014 “The Translation of the Qur’an: Different Loyalties,” in Culguage in/of Translation from Arabic, edited by Said Faiq et al, Surrey/UK: Sayyab Books Ltd. Chapter 8: 127-141.


2013 Marked Word Order in the Qur’an and its English Translations: Patterns and Motivations, New Castle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


2010 “Paraphrase in Translating Business Texts from English into Arabic,” Ayn, Vol. 3(5): 7-32.

2010 Co-editor with Vicki Flippance, CTIS Occasional Papers: Translation and Identity, The University of Manchester Press, Vol (5).


2010 Co-editor with Vicki Flippance, CTIS Occasional Papers: Beyond Words, The University of Manchester Press, Vol (6).


2009 “Marked Word-Order in the Qur’an: Functions and Translation,” Across Languages and Cultures, Vol 10(1).


2008 “هندسة المتطلبات: خريطة طريق”, Journal of Computer Science and Engineering in Arabic, Vol 2(1)


2008 “تقييم أحكام الجودة البشرية والآلية في دراسة تقييم الترجمة الآلية إلى الفرنسية”, Journal of Computer Science and Engineering in Arabic, Vol 2 (1)


2007 “The Impact of Translation Memory Tools on the Translation Profession,” Translation Journal, 11(1).


Completed PhD projects: 

  • Mashael Almutairi: Translation Quality Assessment of Arab Spring Presidential Speeches in Saudi English Newspapers (first supervisor, completed)
  • Chokri Ghezal: Negotiating Translation Options with Potential Readers: Applying Skopos Theory to Culturally-bound texts (first supervisor, completed)
  • Shaymaa Alharbi: Translating Children Literature into Arabic, Harry Potter as a case Study (first supervisor, completed)
  • Abdulhameed Alenezi: Translator Training in Saudi Arabia (second supervisor, completed)
  • Afaneen Al-Dirawi: Investigating the connotation of a Cognitive Approach to Translating Literary Text and its Subtitled Miniseries into Arabic (second supervisor, completed)
  • Noora Al-Kaabi: Socio-Political Aspects in Framing Narratives of Conflict (first supervisor, completed)
  • Shatha Aljabri: Reverie in Romanticism and Arabic Translations (first supervisor, completed)
  • Ahmed Hakami: A Mixed-methods Investigation of Saudis’ Attitudes towards and Experiences with Contemporary Saudi Arabic (Second supervisor, completed)

Current PhD students

  • Sheam Khan: The Perils of Receiving Revelation in Your Mother Tongue: Examining the Influence of the Translator’s Ideology on the Message of the Qur’an (first supervisor)
  • Zainab Al-Otoom: Hallidayan Approach to the Translation of Modern Arabic Fiction (first supervisor)
  • Amjad Allihibi: The Translation of Self-Help books into Arabic (first supervisor)
  • Wafaa Alshehri: The Translation of Qur’anic Emphasis into English (first supervisor)


TS1002 Introduction to Translating

TS2004 Electronic Tools for Translators

TS7003 Current Issues in Translation Research and Practice

TS7033 Computer Assisted Translation Tools

TS7036 Translation Strategies

TS7005 MA Translation Dissertation

Press and media

I am happy to talk about Qur'an translation, the role and importance of translation in society, and the role of translation in the production of news.


Selected Presentations at Conferences and Seminars 

2023 Book launch: Arabic-English-Arabic Literary translation: Issues and Strategies, University of Leicester.

2021 Book Launch: The Qur'an, Translation and the Media: A Narrative Account, University of Leicester.

2020 "British Media Representation of Muslims," Effat University, KSA.

2019 “Self-Translation in Friday Sermons,” University of Bristol.

2019 “Self-Translation in an Islamic Context: Challenges and Strategies,” Cultural Vibrancy: Literature, Translation Studies and Linguistics Current Trends and Future Visions 2019 conference, Effat University, KSA

2018 “Muslim Scholars as Self-Translator,” European Languages as lingua francas conference, University of Amsterdam.

2017 “Media, Translation and the Construction of the Muslim Image: A Narrative Perspective,” Genealogies of Knowledge conference, University of Manchester.

2015 “Translation of the Qur’an and the Perception of Muslim Migrants,” Migrant Narratives and Translational Writing: Trends and Reception seminar, Open University, UK.

2015 “Exchange of ‘Cultural Products’ Between East and West: Translating the Qur’an as a case study,” Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies: East and West in Dialogue Conference, held at the Institute for Modern Languages Research, University of London, UK

2014 “Translating the Qur’an into English: A Bird’s Eye View,” the University of Leicester

2013 "Translating the Qur’an into English: Target Readers’ Expectations," The Third International Translation Conference, Translation: New Destinations, Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Science and Letters, Department of French Translation and Interpreting, Istanbul, Turkey.

2012 “Translating the Qur’an into English: The Translator’s Agency,” The fifth Asian Translation Traditions Conference, Ajman University of Science and Technology, Ajman, UAE.

2011 “Media through Translation and the Construction of the Muslim Image: A Narrative Perspective,” Cultural Politics: Contemporary Visions in Language, Literature and Translation International Conference,Al-Alsun, Ein Shams University, Cairo.

2011 “The Qur’an and the 7th century Arab Literary Tradition,” MECACS seminar series, The School of International Relations, the University of St Andrews.

2011 "The Recent Political Events in Egypt and Tunisia," A round table discussion organised by the School of International Relations, the University of St Andrews.

2010 "Islam and the West," the University of St Andrews.

2010 “Media, Translation and the Construction of the Muslim Image” Multimedia Dialect Translation 2010, The Translation of Dialects in Multimedia Conference, Forlì, Italy.

2010 “The Translation of the Qur'an: An Overview,” MECACS seminar series, the School of International Relations, the University of St Andrews.

2009 “The Translation of the Qur’an: History, Motivations and Loyalties,” Nida School for Translation Studies, Rimini, Italy.

2007 “The Translation of the Qur'an: Different Loyalties’, delivered at Betwixt & Between III: Globalization, Interculturalisation and Translation, Sharjah, UAE.

2006 “Clause-Level Foregrounding in the Translation of the Qur’an into English: Patterns and Motivations," Translation Research Summer School, UCL.


2017 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 

2009 PhD in Translation and Interculturalisation, University of Manchester, UK

2005 MA in Translation, London Metropolitan University, UK

1999 PG Diploma in Teaching Pedagogy, Mansourah University, Egypt

1996 BA in English Language and Literature, Mansourah University, Egypt

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