Dr Agostino Maurotto


Dr Agostino Maurotto

School/Department: Engineering, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 373 6356


Address: Main Campus, Michael Atiyah building, room MA222


Result-driven Nuclear Engineer/Research professional with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and a reputation for achieving results against objectives. Blends managerial qualities, nuclear engineering capabilities and almost 10 years’ experience in research in order to guide teams towards objectives and optimise operational performance. Adept at teaching and training in various scientific techniques, maintaining positive learning cultures in which students have the best opportunity to achieve their educational objectives. Naturally effective problem solver who reacts to ambiguous situations in a rational manner and approaches complex problems with an evaluative mind-set. Recognised as an inspirational leader, capable of leading personnel to performance goals and enabling them to add value to organisations.


  • Member of the MOM group (Mechanics of materials)
  • Member of the GrEaT group (Green Energy and Transportation)
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Gen 4 and Innovative Nuclear Reactors
  • Liquid metal and molten salt cooled reactors
  • Refractory and exotic materials
  • Surface integrity and residual stress


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    Performance Cutting HPC2010, 24-26 October, 2010, Gifu, Japan. T. Aoyama, Y. Takeuchi (eds.), Vol. 2, pp. 81-84.


  • Currently supervising 1 PhD student in the field of Space reactors


  • Module convenor for EG3124 Tribology in Engineering Design
  • Teaching in EG2004 Engineering Experimentation and Analysis
  • Director of Programme for Advanced Mechanical Engineering (including with management and industry)


  • Fellow of ImechE
  • Fellow of the Nuclear Institute
  • Member of ASME
  • Fellow of HEA
  • Member of EU engineering guild
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