Adam Machowczyk

Graduate Teaching Assistant

School/Department: Computing and Mathematical Sciences, School of



I completed my BSc at De Montfort University in 2021 with first class in Computing, and then moved to The University of Leicester for my MSc in Cloud Computing, which I completed in 2022. My MSc project was the backbone of my PhD application, and was awarded the Best Technical MSc project award. I was also given the Best Student in Informatics award, both in November 2022.

In my research, I am actively trying to find a way to apply Graph Rewriting to Graph Neural Networks. I am funded by The University, working as a GTA. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me 😊


Currently researching, as part of my PhD, whether it is possible to apply Graph Rewriting to Graph Neural Networks, and if so, to what extent.

My first publication was released on the 16th International Conference on Graph Transformation (part of STAF Conferences 2023). It is available online as session 5 of ICGT 2023, second talk. 

If you are interested in the subject, please get in touch with me or my supervisor, Professor Reiko Heckel (rh122)!


"Graph Rewriting for Graph Neural Networks", Adam Machowczyk, Reiko Heckel, International Conference on Graph Transformation 2023, Part of STAF 2023, doi: 10.1007/978-3-031-36709-0. Nominated for best paper. [Available online at arXiv]


Term 1 Modules:

CO4217-CO7217 Agile Cloud Automation (22/23, 23/24)

CO2101 Operating Systems and and Networking (22/23, 23/24)


Term 2 Modules:

CO1108 Foundations of Computation (22/23, 23/24)

CO7214 Service-Oriented Architectures (22/23, 23/24)

CO4225-CO7225 Data-Driven Intelligent Service Design (23/24)

CO7093 Big Data and Predictive Analytics (22/23)


STAF Conferences 2023: Digital Communications Chair

16th International Conference on Graph Transformation: Presenter, nominated for the best paper award


In my free time I organise Tabletop Role-playing games, mainly in the 1920s setting in the USA, or fantasy/cyberpunk setting in various systems. I also review Polish Hip-Hop music as part of the RAPPAR project.
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