Professor Adam Cygan

Professor of EU Law

School/Department: Law, School of

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I joined the Department in September 2000 having previously lectured at the University of Nottingham and at King's College London where I also completed my PhD.


My research interests lie in the field of EU Public law and governance. In particular this focuses on the relationship between national parliaments and the EU Institutions within the context of the decision-making process.



Cygan A. (2020) (with Lynch, P. and Whitaker, R.,) 'Parliamentary Scrutiny of the EU Political and Legal Space after Brexit' (58) 5 Journal of Common Market Studies, 616-635.

Cygan A. (Russell, M.) co-editor of Report 'Parliament and Brexit' (3/2020) available at 

Cygan, A., (2020) De-Europeanisation of UK regulatory governance and the future UK-EU trade relationship 20 ERA Forum, 509-529.

Cygan, A (2020) (with Zelazna, E) 'Parliamentary involvement in the negotiations on the EU-UK trade agreement' in Wessels and Polak (eds) The Routledge Handbook on the International Dimension of Brexit 45-57. 

Cygan, A (with Lynch, P. and Whitaker, R.) (2019) 'Brexit and the UK Parliament: Challenges and Opportunities' in Christiansen and Fromage (eds) Brexit and Democracy: The Role of Parliaments in the UK and the European Union, 51-79.

Cygan, A. (2019) 'From Deparliamentarisation to a Parliamentary Renaissance? National Parliaments in the EU Polity' in Govare and Gaben (eds) The Future of Constitutional Democracy in Europe - A Legal Assessment (Oxford: Hart Publishing) 267-293.

Cygan, A., 'Legal Implications of Economic Governance for National Parliaments' (2017) Parliamentary Affairs 1-18.



EU Law and Integration


EU law; Land law

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