Dr Abdullahi Jama

research technician


I grew up in Mogadishu Somalia. in 1990 I moved to Finland where I pursued my education further. I studied BSc and MSc in microbiology at University of Helsinki Finland. in 2008 I joined Professor Julian Ketley’s research group and worked on C.jejuni. Then I went on investigating the chemotaxis system in C.jejuni as a part of my PhD in Professor Julian Ketley’s research lab.


in 2019 I started on three years MRC funded research project working on phase variation in N. meningitidis in Professor Christopher Bayliss’s research group. in 2016 I joined S. aureus research project in Professor Julian Ketley and Professor Julie Morrissey’s research laboratory in Genetics Department University of Leicester. in 2015 I worked in Dr. Sinead Drea and Dr. James Higgins’s research lab in Department of Biology at the University of Leicester.



Hanna Sinkko, Kaarina Lukkarico, Abdullahi S. Jamaco, Leila M. Sihvonen, Kaarina Sivonen, Mirja Leivuori, Matias Rantanen, Lars Paulin, Christina Lyra. 2011. Phosphorus Chemistry and Bacterial Community Composition Interact in Brackish Sediments Receiving Agricultural Discharges. PLoS ONE 6(6): e21555.

In preparation: Jama A., Ketley J. 2021. cj0700 is a remote cheZ orthologue involved in Campylobacter jejuni chemotaxis signal transduction.

In preparation:  Dave, Al’Rubaiawi, Jama, Farzand, Green, Bayliss. 2021. Genomic Architecture and Variation in the Multi-Copy Genes of Meningococcal Serogroup Y and W Strain.



molecular biology techniques bacterial genetics and microbiology i.e. C.jejuni and N.meningitidis and S.aureus


Undergraduate and postgraduate students

Press and media

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