Attenborough Arts Centre Presents: Next Gen. Creatives ‘Natural Instincts’

Photo Credit: Anna Huetson, 2023

Attenborough Arts Centre is proud to present ‘Natural Instincts’, a Next Gen. Creatives gallery takeover in response to the themes of ‘Arcadia for All? Rethinking Landscape Painting Now’ an exhibition that that raises pertinent questions about who has access to nature, where and how.

Using photography, performance, curated events, soundscapes, and interactive pieces, this multidisciplinary approach transforms the gallery space into a living canvas, where each artwork is a chapter in an ongoing dialogue about our relationship with nature through the eyes of the next generation. At the heart of it lies the powerful theme of escapism.

“People are the most dominating species on the planet, without a doubt. We have grown so much, and spread so far, that it is almost impossible to escape our effects.” Safeeya Desai, Next Gen. Creative Artist.

Formed in 2017 by Attenborough Arts Centre, Next Gen. Creatives empowers young people aged 16-25 in Leicester through opportunities to gain practical skills and experiences within the arts sector. The group collaborate on every area of the exhibition from creating the art, interpreting the work, developing marketing and curating the space together,

“This process has allowed me to explore my thoughts on inaccessibility and how inclusivity should be approached. The dance film ‘Escapism’ becomes a poignant exploration of navigating inaccessible landscapes, seamlessly merging contrasting realms to convey the transformative power of inclusivity” living4movement, Next Gen. Creative Artist.

As visitors engage with the takeover, the collaborative installation becomes a metaphorical refuge, encouraging viewers to reconnect with nature amidst the chaos of modern life. The exhibition challenges societal indifference and prompts introspection on responses to critical issues, all while celebrating the evolving nature of artistic expression.

“I think it is very critical to show our thoughts on nature. My work focuses on today’s human nature and how we respond to that, and hopefully asks the question if our responses should change regardless of an experience.” Finley, Next Gen. Creative Photographer.


Next Gen. Creatives is a group empowering young individuals aged 16-25 in Leicester since 2017, meeting weekly to foster networking, life skills, and exposure to various art pathways and practitioners. Led by Co-Artistic Director of Infuse Dance, Mark Anderson, a photographer, filmmaker, and choreographer, and supported by Attenborough Arts Centre’s current Youth Arts Coordinator Pasha Kincaid.


Join us for the exhibition launch on Tuesday 23 January 2024, 5:30pm – 7:30pm. Free for all to attend, with drinks available throughout the evening. Visit our webpage by clicking here to book your place.