Pinnacle International Freight joins Space Park Leicester

An international freight company with a long-standing involvement in space tech logistics has joined the dynamic ecosystem at Space Park Leicester.

Founded in June 1972 in central Leicester by brothers Martyn, Stuart, and Chris Burrell, Pinnacle International Freight Ltd has grown into a globally recognised logistics solutions provider with bases in the UK and USA, along with a long-established network of global partners.

Headquartered in Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, Pinnacle is known for delivering outstanding worldwide logistics solutions across all industries, driven by a commitment to quality, consistency, and efficiency.

Pinnacle has supported the University of Leicester Space Research Centre in transporting components for various exciting projects, showcasing their commitment to the region's space sector.

Gavin Newman, Operations Director, said: “Pinnacle has been involved in Space tech logistics for many years, supporting the University of Leicester Space Research Centre with global movement of components for lots of exciting projects, including Swift X-Ray telescope, Catsat soft X-Ray Spectrometer, AstroSat India and the hugely complex delivery of MIRI for James Webb Telescope to NASA.

"We are proud of our Leicester heritage and the development of Space City Leicester. Joining Space Park Leicester aligns with our goal to support and encourage international businesses to base their operations alongside this unique and innovative community.”

Vinay Patel, Head of Commercial and Innovation, at Space Park Leicester said: “With over 50 years of international trade experience, the company will provide advice, guidance, and support for international trade and worldwide logistics within the Space City ecosystem.

“Their on-site presence will give Space Park Leicester an ongoing resource for day-to-day advice and operations as a logistics services provider, including customs matters and project management. 

“Being part of the Space City ecosystem is a significant milestone for Pinnacle, marking a new chapter in the company's history. 

“Their long-standing relationship with the University of Leicester Space Research Centre and Space Park Leicester demonstrates a deep understanding of the importance of the work carried out here, our role as a customs site operator for East Midlands Freeport and the broader Space Tech industry.”

Gavin added: "This development strengthens our collaboration and demonstrates our commitment to being an integral part of the long-term, global space sector expansion. Our extensive experience ideally places us as a central point of advice and supply chain support, allowing scientists, researchers, and businesses to focus on their objectives.

“We are proud to extend our heritage to being part of the Space City and its global reputation.”