A letter from the Vice-Chancellor on national reports of drink spiking

Trigger warning: drug spiking

Dear students

You may be aware of stories in the media of students across the country being ‘spiked by injection’ whilst on nights out. As a parent, as well as Vice-Chancellor, it is unimaginable to think of the immediate and long-term distress that this must cause to innocent young people, who were just socialising with their friends.

I want to reiterate that spiking is illegal, unacceptable and not tolerated at Leicester. Any incidents will result in action being taken. As part of our Dignity and Respect Policy and Senate Regulations, we expect each member of the University community to behave with respect and courtesy at all times, to contribute to ensuring that the University is welcoming and safe, and to ensure that their behaviour is not offensive, free from harassment, bullying, abuse and discrimination. 

If you have been affected by spiking by injection, or another type of incident, I urge you to get in touch with us using the details below, to discuss your options with trained and compassionate staff. 

Help is available:

  • 999 – if you feel your safety and wellbeing is at immediate risk.
  • University security – 0116 252 2888 for 24/7 support. You can also request emergency assistance through the SafeZone app. Download on Apple or Android, using your full student email address.
  • Report and Support – if you would like to make a disclosure and access support from the Standing Together team. You can let us know about something that has happened or is happening to you or someone else.

As a University we are working collaboratively with the Students’ Union (SU) on this issue. In agreement with the SU, I want to be clear that we need to tackle the root of the issue, embedded in society’s culture, rather than asking what people, particularly focused on women, can do to make themselves safer. The Students’ Union are working hard to launch a social media and on campus campaign on Wednesday 27 October, asking students to speak out against spiking and sexual assault, and supporting a boycott of city centre clubs on Friday 29 October. ‘Big Night On Campus’ events at the Students’ Union, welcome to all, will provide a space for students wanting to support the campaign. You can get involved through messaging @leicesterunion on Instagram or share your thoughts on the Here to Hear form.

I am asking for your support to make Leicester as enjoyable, safe and inclusive as possible. Be an active bystander: if you see something that concerns you, please take action by immediately alerting the venue and/or the University. This is your home and place of study and this culture can only be achieved together and by taking collective responsibility for our actions and education.



President and Vice-Chancellor