Researcher awarded British Pharmacological Society Fellowship

University researcher recognised for his work in anaesthetic pharmacology

Professor David Lambert, Professor of Anaesthetic Pharmacology in the University of Leicester’s Department of Cardiovascular Sciences has been awarded a Fellowship from the British Pharmacological Society.

Fellowships are awarded to individuals who have demonstrated distinction and peer recognition in pharmacology and, through their work, publication and presentation of research and leadership, have contributed to the British Pharmacological Society.

Each year the British Pharmacological Society elects a small number of Fellows and Honorary Fellows. This year, nine Fellowships have been awarded.

Professor Lambert’s anaesthetic research mostly relates to peptides and their receptors with an emphasis on opioids and pain, cannabinoids and anaesthesia/sepsis.

Professor Lambert said: “I am delighted that this honour has been confirmed and I am particularly pleased as it recognises the area of anaesthetic pharmacology.”

There are currently 291 Fellows, all of which have made significant contributions to the disciplines of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

Professor Lambert joins a number of distinguished and international scholars from institutions such as the University of Cambridge, King’s College London, University of Auckland, and Monash University in Australia.