University of Leicester expert to explore Parliament’s Brexit options in public lecture

Law professor joins ‘Ask the Expert’ lecture series to discuss Brexit

Professor Adam Cygan, lecturer in European law at the University of Leicester will be discussing Brexit as part of the Social Market Foundation’s ‘Ask the Expert’ series in Westminster, London tomorrow (Tuesday 5 February).

The event titled ‘Brexit: Options for Parliament’ will cover the state of the EU negotiations and the parliamentary process currently taking place to ratify the EU Withdrawal Agreement. 

In particular, Professor Cygan will consider the pivotal role that Parliament has to determine what the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement with the EU will look like and the further legislation that is still required before the UK leaves the EU.   

Professor Cygan said: “As Brexit day of 29 March 2019 nears, and we reach the end game in the Brexit process, it is now down to Parliament to determine whether the UK will leave with or without a Withdrawal Agreement. 

“Political and legal challenges remain in Parliament as well as further negotiations with the EU in order to deliver a Withdrawal Agreement. However, this is made all the more difficult by the lack of consensus within and between political parties within Parliament. 

“In order that the UK leaves the EU in an orderly fashion, and in a manner which protects rights and provides for a smooth future relationship with the EU, compromise will be needed to find a parliamentary consensus.”

The event, which is open to the public, is in association with the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), where social scientists are invited to speak about their research to a diverse audience. 

Professor Cygan will discuss his research from the ESRC Brexit Priority grant project, ‘Parties, Parliament and the Brexit Process’, which is part of the ESRC-funded UK in a Changing Europe initiative.

The event is taking place at the Social Market Foundation in Westminster, London on Tuesday 5 February, 12.30-1.30pm. The event is already sold out but can still be watched via a livestream broadcast available via the SMF’s twitter account