Africa Research Group launched

The Africa Research Group is a new group which will bring together projects and research taking place across the University on Africa, Africans in Diaspora and African Heritage communities.

The group is launched today with Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nishan Canagarajah delivering the opening address.

The Vice-Chancellor said: “The University is proud of its research which addresses key global challenges and opportunity. This group’s vision to connect Africa-focussed studies, bring our three Schools together and encourages student engagement, shows tremendous insight and a passion to solve these societal challenges. I am looking forward to hearing more about this group’s invaluable work.” 

By bringing together a community of Africa-focused research studies, and providing a platform for interdisciplinary problem-solving, the group aim to open up conversation around the Africa research space.

Dr Akali Omeni (AFHEA), Founder and Co-Chair of Africa Research Group and Assistant Professor in African Politics at the University said: “The Africa Research Group aims to force-multiply the work of Africanists and the Africa-focused studies across the University. Our core objectives are intersectionality and interdisciplinary. We are also looking forward to increased student engagement, with support from the Students’ Union, as well as curriculum decolonisation.”

Dr Omeni was awarded the Rising Star excellence award at King’s College London in 2019 – he gained his PhD there in 2015. He co-chairs the Africa Research Group with Dr Natalie Darko who is Academic and Research Fellow at the Centre for Black and Minority Ethnic Health in our College of Life Sciences.