Leicester's cultural 'renaissance' includes Attenborough Arts Centre

Attenborough Arts Centre is part of a new campaign from Leicester City Council to promote and celebrate the city’s rich arts and culture scene.

Nineteen venues and organisations are featured in a 60-page brochure (PDF, 8.6MB) which is being distributed around Leicester, highlighting the breadth of the city’s cultural offer through the work of some of its leading arts organisations.

It highlights their economic and social impact, both for communities in the city and across the country and overseas, and encourages new opportunities for collaboration.

An accompanying video proclaiming ‘the Leicester Renaissance’ includes footage shot at the Attenborough Arts Centre.

Jeremy Webster, Deputy Director of the AAC, said: “We are delighted that we are no longer a ‘hidden gem’ in the arts provision in Leicester. The Attenborough Arts Centre is proud to contribute to the cultural wealth of the city and we happily open our doors to everyone.”