The deterioration of US-China security relations during the Obama Presidency

A new book by Dr James Johnson from our School of History, Politics and International Relations will unravel the deterioration of US-China security relations during the Obama Presidency.

The book, ‘The U.S.-China Military & Defense Relationship during the Obama Presidency’, will be published by Palgrave Macmillan (2018) on Wednesday 23 May and will be available here.

“The US-China relationship has become one of (if not the most) vital features of contemporary world politics, and with arrival the Donald Trump to the White House in 2017, this vital geopolitical relationship sits at a precarious and dangerous crossroads,” James explains.

The book assesses a wide array of sources to systematically unpack the policy rhythms, drivers, and dynamics that defined the course of Sino-American security relations during the Obama-era.

The case study chapters draw on recent Chinese and English sources - on military doctrine, capabilities, and defense strategy - to build a clear understanding the main sources of US-China misperceptions.

James added: “The book builds a sobering picture of US-China relations that will appeal to specialists and generalists alike with an interest in future warfare, emerging military-technologies, military studies, arms control, and foreign policy issues in the Asia-Pacific region more broadly.”