Lecturer on FT podcast discusses Galileo Brexit and space policy

Dr Bleddyn Bowen from HyPIR has featured as the guest on the Financial Times’ latest episode of their fortnightly podcast Brexit Unspun to discuss the recent events in space policy and Brexit negotiations, in light of Bleddyn’s singular expertise on the political and security implications of space technology and infrastructure.

In the podcast, the importance of the satellite navigation system Galileo was discussed, as well as which space policy options Britain could follow in this lesser-known aspect of the Brexit process.

The podcast followed on from a recent Parliamentary hearing on the matter, as well as Bleddyn’s research expertise on the military, politics, and security uses of outer space.

Specifically, Bleddyn recently published his research on UK space policy, security strategy, and the implications of Brexit with The British Journal of Politics and IR.

Bleddyn has since been quoted at length in Wired, The Times, by the BBC and Politico.