What can we do to address the harms of hate

Hate crimes constitute one of the biggest global challenges of our time and blight the lives of millions of people across the world.

An event organised by the Wellbeing Matters team and the Centre for Hate Studies, led by Professor Neil Chakraborti, is designed to offer authentic insights into the challenges associated with hate crime and mental health from a range of perspectives, and to invite members of the audience to share their own ideas for change.

Professor Chakraborti said: “Hate crime behaviour is typically expressed through acts of hostility and violence where victims are targeted specifically because of their identity characteristics or perceived ‘difference’.

“Although the physical injuries associated with hate crime are relatively well documented, the emotional harms are often overlooked, under-estimated or ignored altogether.”

The event brings together a panel of experts to discuss harms and their damaging impacts upon mental health, and to explore ways in which we can collectively support victims’ needs more effectively.

The event, ‘Hate Crime and Mental Health: What Can We Do to Address the Harms of Hate?’, takes place on 1 May 2018 between 6:30PM – 8:00PM at the Phoenix Cinema in Leicester.

Watch the award-winning University of Leicester film, ‘The Harms of Hate’, here: