Trainee medics take first aid skills to the streets

A group of 15 medical students from our University working as the Leicester branch of national charity StreetDoctors is set to expand its already successful first aid training and education initiatives over the coming months.

StreetDoctors deliver first aid training to at risk young people in order to provide them with the skills necessary to sustain life in a medical emergency, including violent injury. During their 60-90 minute interactive sessions, the StreetDoctors give participants the chance to practice CPR, the recovery positon and provide information on how to manage blood loss.

Over the last 6 months, StreetDoctors Leicester have taught approximately 75 young people, working with established and new delivery partners in the city and surrounding areas such as the Leicester City Youth Offending Services. Nationally, StreetDoctors taught over 3500 young people across the UK in 2017. There are 12 known cases of young people assisting in a medical emergency after attending a StreetDoctors session.

StreetDoctors Leicester have also worked with Leicestershire County Council Youth Offending Team, the Leicester Tigers Hitz scheme, and the Leicester City Football Club to deliver teaching sessions in Leicester and the surrounding areas. Last year, the Leicester team ran the Big 10k in Abbey Park to raise funds for their charity.

In April 2018, the team will be joining forces with the Leicester Probation Team, working with young men and becoming integrated into their programme. StreetDoctors Leicester has also been selected as one of ASDA’s “Green Token Giving” charities. From April to June 2018, shoppers in the Oadby ASDA will be able to vote for the StreetDoctors as the charity to receive a £500 donation from the ASDA Foundation.

In November 2017, StreetDoctors were awarded a £20,000 grant by the Home-Office to provide nationwide education for young people between the ages of 12-25 on the medical consequences of violent injury. StreetDoctors teams in Leicester, Bristol, Southampton and Warwick will be delivering a total of 100 sessions to young people in their regions.

Team Leader Robert McKenzie said: “The team has been working extremely hard this year and we currently have over 30 sessions lined up in the next few months all over Leicestershire. The successful application for the Home Office funding has been fantastic for StreetDoctors and our local delivery partners. Over this year we are aiming to reach as many vulnerable young people as possible and grow the Leicester team to continue our work over the coming years.”

StreetDoctors has also launched their first ever national campaign to raise awareness about the issue of youth violence, #HighFiveToSaveALife.