Keeping our data safe

The shape of the next generation of data-driven technologies will depend upon how we address concerns about the security and integrity of data today, a University of Leicester scientist will argue at the GREAT Festival of Innovation in Hong Kong.

The future will see a surge in data-based services, from personalised mobile apps to traffic management and more, and with it will come concerns about data security and use of personal information. We could see significant developments in technology that affect our health, work, environment and more fueled by ever more creative ways of using data – but limited by our ability to use reliable data securely.

The Professor Paul Monks, Head of the College of Science and Engineering and a Professor in Atmospheric Chemistry and Earth Observation Science, will argue that some of the most exciting developments in technology will rely on keeping the data that organisations use accessible - but that will also mean ensuring that it is safe.

He will be speaking at the ‘Global Warning’ panel discussion at the GREAT Festival of Innovation on 24 March in Hong Kong, attended by business and education leaders from across Asia.