Leicester academic provides expert comment on Gosport hospital report

Professor Richard Baker, Emeritus Professor from our Department of Health Sciences, featured extensively in the national media last week following the publication of the report of the Gosport Independent Panel.

In 2003, Professor Baker provided the audit to the Department of Health of the deaths of elderly patients at the community hospital in Gosport who had been routinely prescribed opioid drugs.

He recommended at the time that investigation of cases should continue, and found that the routine use of opioids would have shortened the lives of some of patients.

Publication of Professor Baker’s report was delayed until 2013 while other investigations were completed, including police investigations and inquests.

The Independent Panel’s report has confirmed that the lives of many elderly patients in Gosport War Memorial Hospital were shortened.

Professor Baker said: “My thoughts are with the families whose relatives received opiate medication inappropriately whilst in the hospital."

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