Law alumnus appointed to Government role

A Leicester Law alumnus has been appointed as a Government foreign minister.

Dr Addirdeiry Ahmed, who was awarded his PhD in Law by the University of Leicester in 2013, has recently been appointed Foreign Minister of Sudan. A revised version of his PhD at Leicester has been published: Boundaries and Secession in Africa and International Law: Challenging Uti Possidetis (Cambridge University Press, 2015).

Dr Ahmed was previously Sudan’s Ambassador to Kenya, and the Sudanese government’s chief negotiator in relation to the Abyei land border dispute.

Dr Ahmed is founder and senior partner of the law firm Dirdeiry & Co. in Khartoum and has also served as a member of academic staff at the Law Department, University of Khartoum. In the latter capacity he last visited Leicester in November 2017 to address seminar organised by Leicester Law School’s Dr Eki Omorogbe on ‘The Crisis of International Criminal Law in Africa’.