HyPIR lecturer shares insights on new EU space policy

Dr Bleddyn Bowen, an expert in astropolitics and space security from our School of History, Politics and International Relations, has recently discussed the potential impact of Brexit on the UK’s security access to EU-funded space programmes such as the Galileo project.

In The Times article, Dr Bowen says that Brexit seems to have accelerated the ongoing process of dovetailing ESA into EU space policy, and this is occurring in the context of the UK’s attempts to stall and upend the Galileo project due to the consequences of Brexit on Britain’s security access to EU-funded space programmes.

Dr Bowen’s views on space politics and strategy have since been featured in a number of prominent media outlets, including Defence-in Depth, Space News and the GB Times. He also wrote the lead article for industry journal Cyber Security Practicioner on the politics and strategy of hacking satellites.